Glitter and glue ¦a child’s two  favorite craft supplies. This makes sense seeing as how they are also two of the messiest craft supplies out there!  Put them together and you have a sparkly craft worthy of the 4th  of July. Glitter and Glue Fireworks Art is a fun art  activity  for home, school, or camp. Kids love it! Fireworks Art

Fireworks Art

Fun for kids of all ages, this easy craft is perfect for celebrating summer! Materials and Directions:
  • Black construction paper
  • Glitter
  • White school glue
Fireworks Art After gathering the materials, invite your child to draw fireworks on the black paper with the glue. My kids enjoyed experimenting with curved, straight, and wavy lines. RELATED: Fourth of July Flag Craft Fireworks Art Sprinkle glitter over each firework.  Use a variety of colors or stick to red, white (silver), and blue. To contain the glitter mess, try placing your child’s paper into a baking sheet or plastic tub. Fireworks Art Shake off the excess glitter, then allow the fireworks art to dry completely. Hang and enjoy! Fireworks Art Tip: Clean up extra glitter  around the table with a small ball of playdough!

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