13 Crazy Cotton Ball Crafts and Activities for Kids

Cotton balls are soft, easy to craft with and cheap – the perfect preschool medium for kids activities.

Kids Activities Blog is crazy about recycled activities and crafts using things that you already have laying around the house!

cotton ball roundup of easy crafts for preschoolers

Cotton Ball Crafts for Kids

Go outside, hang some paper, then dip cotton balls in paint and throw them at your canvas. Your kids will have a blast and you will get some unique art work in the process. via Chaos and the Clutter

This is a fun and wacky race – perfect for birthday parties or a troop meeting. All you need are cotton balls, a bowl, a blindfold and a spoon. via Creative Jewish Mom

This cotton ball craft is adorable – a snowy pinecones owl. Take a pinecones and gently wrap cotton around the pines, add embellishments and eyeballs.

Use cotton balls, a bunch of clean baby food jars, and essential oils to create a sensory collection for your children to explore.

Help your kids learn to hammer using cotton balls. Bake them in flour, color for a fun burst of color.

Learn about the different cloud types with your kids as you take apart cotton balls with Krazy About Kiddos.

Create a miniature world where your kids imaginations can run wild with a cotton ball filled winter sensory bin.  via Mama Miss

Do you need a quiet activity for some active kids? This cotton ball roll activity will keep your kids engaged for most of a nap time! via All for the Boys

Have a blizzard inside with your preschoolers. This cotton ball activity from Teacher Preschool follows a fun story time.

Create 3 dimensional art by baking cotton balls in paint

Blow up a storm with straws and cotton balls. This is a good way to help kids regulate their breathing.

Thread cotton balls to create a fun snowy wall. Your kids will learn fine motor skills as they sew the garland.

Preschoolers love the texture of pulling cotton balls apart.  Check out this easy ghosty craft from Happy Hooligans.


If you are a blogger who has done a fun activity with your kids and cotton balls, stop by our Facebook page and tell us about it – feel free to add links and pictures so our readers can hear about your project!


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