Recycled activities are awesome!  They are free to create and add life to things we otherwise would have tossed in the trash – or recycle bin.  It’s exciting to challenge ourselves to come up with creative ideas.

These fantastic kids activities made from recycled items were inspired by Mothers Messy Madness.


14 {Fun} Recycled Kids Activities

1.  Use  paper mache  and plastic bottles to make an incredible  rain stick  for kids to enjoy.

2.  With just a bit of time and effort you can easily turn empty boxes into a personalized grocery store for kids!

3.  Parties don’t have to be expensive.  You can make your own decorations and games like these from a  recycled pirate party!

4.  After collecting lots of dinosaurs they needed somewhere to live.  What could be better than a paper-mâché volcano?

5.  Children often get more fun out of empty boxes than what was inside them.  Here are several things you can make with empty packing boxes.

6.  Lots of packaging that would normally be thrown away can be used by kids to create new toys.

7.  All you need is some empty roll on deodorant containers and paint to make roller ball paint.  This is a fantastic painting activity for toddlers.

8.  After you read your magazines, turn them into bracelets!   This is a super creative and fun jewelry project.

9.  Here is a simple math game using bottle tops and an old pair of trousers.

10.  Newspapers can make for great snowball fights and you don’t even have to get cold!

11.  Make a miniature tree house for all your toy figurines and characters.

12.  Make it easy to for kids to explore with a box of materials.  It’s so fun to see what they come up with!

13.  Using an old salad spinner, you can  make some really pretty art.

14.  You can make a jetpack  using recycled materials.  How fun does that look?!

15. Make this Whirligig for your patio out of a water bottle!

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  1. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for sharing so many of our ideas. Much appreciated. Hope they help other mums to entertain their kids.