Genius Left-Over Candy Ideas!

I find that after almost any holiday season, I have an overwhelming influx of candy!  Halloween & Easter seem to be when the candy haul is at its greatest volume.

These left-over candy ideas are inspired and sponsored by Invisalign.  I am part of the Mom Advisory Board for Invisalign which includes complimentary treatment while I write about the experience.

Did you know that there are NO food restrictions when you are wearing Invisalign?  Many of the things listed below would be a big no-no with traditional braces!

Left-Over Candy Ideas

Left-Over Candy Management

It has been my tradition to pause candy-eating regulations for a few hours on the actual holiday, but strict candy-eating enforcement returns the next day!

In year’s past, I have found myself throwing out Halloween candy to make room for Valentine’s Day candy and then the Valentine’s Day candy gets pushed out by Easter candy.

There is simply a lot of it.  So let’s put it to good use!

Local Food Pantry – Your local food pantry accepts fully-wrapped candy.  Grab your kids, search your pantry for a few non-perishable items to add and take a field trip to the food pantry.  Depending on your child’s age, you might be able to volunteer for a few hours or take a tour.

I can not say enough about taking you kids to experience the magical things that happen at the food pantry.  Even if your child isn’t old enough to officially volunteer, they can see what goes on and bring in their donation.  Most food pantry staff members will make a big deal about it and make it a memorable experience.

12 Left-over Candy Recipes

Bake – Many of my favorite baked goods are made even better with the substitution of candy for ingredients.  Using hard-coated chocolate candy in lieu of chocolate chips or adding crushed candy bars to brownies can’t be beat.

Leftover Candy Recipes

Don’t feel like you have to eat them all yourself, take a plate to a neighbor!

Vocabulary Games –  When I taught science, I always used Skittles each Thursday for our vocabulary bingo.  I would call out the definitions and the kids would use the candy as a marker on their bingo card over the correct vocabulary word.  It is a simple game to create and Thursdays became the favorite day.

Math & Science Games – Using pieces of candy as math manipulatives can be a lot of fun.  Being able to hold number concepts in your hand {and then eat them later} can make a complex concept easier.  Science with candy is doubly engaging!

Here are a few we like:

Repurpose for Gifts – With holidays on the horizon that include giving all sorts of gifts, sort out the non-Halloween candy and get creative!  A cute holiday container filled with candy and a small gift card makes a great teacher’s gift or a baking themed basket that includes a few candy ingredients is perfect for a friend.

Eat It – It is your choice.  Because you take Invisalign OUT when you eat or drink {anything other than water}, there are no food limitations.  Popcorn, gummy candies, and other food that would be difficult with traditional braces aren’t even an issue since I brush my teeth before replacing the Invisalign trays.  And those candy apples listed above…one is on my list for this weekend.

Get the Kids Involved – If you get your kids involved, it will be less “traumatic” for them to lose all that loot.  And it is perfectly acceptable to create a favorites pile for them to grab a piece or two at an approved candy moment!


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