You know you are about to have more candy than you know what to do with, so I propose a way to use it for a bit of learning.  I used to teach grades 5-8 science and on Monday we would make out vocabulary cards for the kids to study through the week because every Thursday was Candy Bingo with those vocabulary cards. Thursday was the favorite day of the week. Candy Bingo for Learning Flashcards - Kids Activities Blog   The cool thing is that Candy Bingo can be use to learn almost anything on any grade level because all it uses is 3×5 cards and some left-over candy.

Make Bingo Cards

Instead of putting corresponding information on the front and back of cards, I make two decks.  So for vocabulary, I will make a stack of cards with the words and another stack of cards for the definitions.  For timelines, I make a stack of dates and another stack of events. That way you can also use the cards for other flash card games like Memory.

Play Candy Bingo

One set of cards you can set out as the “Bingo Card”.  Depending on how many cards you have, you can change the size of the board and how many in a row is required to win.  In this set up, I made 3 rows of 3 and so 3 in a row will elicit a yell of “Bingo”! Candy Bingo Cards   The other set of cards will be what is used to call for the game.  If it is a difficult subject, you can set the called cards aside and have the child defend their answers to prove the win. At our house, the winner gets to eat the completed row.  If you have multiple players, they can all set up their own board with another set of 3×5 cards and compete against each other.

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