Do you have a goofy kiddo? Or a kiddo who appreciates a moment of silliness? They will *LOVE* these stocking stuffer ideas for kids! We scoured the net and asked our kids for tips on what would be the silliest gifts they could get.

These are the gift ideas that the kids giggled at – when they were just thinking about them.   All of these are under $10.   You don’t need to break the bank to crack a smile! 12 stocking stuffers that will make your kids giggle - all are under $10

Kids: Silly Stocking Stuffers (for under 10$)

Magnetic Marble set “ roughly $8.   Your kids will be mesmerized by the power of the magnets as they roll and attract each other. A Nose Pencil Sharpener.   Your kids will giggle whenever they use this in their school bags.   “ cost is $1.50 Super Silly Putty “ the kind that is magnetic, or glow-in-the-dark, or color changing, or many other options!   They range in price starting at $2.99. Be silly with the make-up – go crazy with these Face Painting Sticks “ roughly $1 a piece. Flying Monkey ¦ is it a stuffed animal or superhero??   Your kids can slingshot this monkey across the room.   “ roughly $6. Costume Glasses “ guaranteed to bring out the goofy – $4 each Hand buzzer “ roughly $4 each.   Oh, the pranks your kids could do!   These can be used for shaking hands but also to hide below pillows, or inside a shoe, etc. Fun Buggy Tattoos “ roughly 7 cents a piece – your kids will enjoy covering their arms with these critters. Become Rudolph with a set of fuzzy antlers “  cost is roughly $9 A Ball filled with balls “ it’s silly and fun.   $7 Jacobs Ladder.   This Classic toy has a lot of unexpected variations “ cost is $3.25 This silly looking device gives the best head massages.   Not only will they giggle at it’s spidery legs, your kids will also smile when it works its relaxation wonders. “ cost is under $2

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We have found some stocking fillers cheap and awesome! Did we miss any that you have found?

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