Skeleton Bones – Simple Human Anatomy for Kids

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Gross Anatomy was my favorite subject.  In fact, I loved it so much that I spent an entire summer in a gross anatomy lab and then the following summer teaching that lab.

I loved finding familiar structures and the detective work required to identify anomalies {something unexpected or unusual}.

skeleton bones - simple human anatomy for kids

Halloween is the perfect time to start identifying bones with your kids.  The cool thing is that most Halloween skeletons are simplified versions of the real thing.  I suspect fitting 214 bones into a holiday decoration might be a little difficult!

We have a fun bone identification printable that you can download and use.

Skeleton Bones Printable for Kids

This simple skeleton was based on a favorite Halloween costume {more on that in a minute} and can be used as an activity sheet to learn 9 basic bone names that are commonly on decorative skeletons:  clavicle, cranium, femur, humerus, pelvis, ribs, tibia, ulna, and vertebrae.  Don’t worry, page 2 is a key just in case you can’t remember which are which!

Skeleton Bones Free Printable Activity Sheet and Tags for Kids

Download and print the free human anatomy activity sheet for kids:   Skeleton Bones Identification Printable – Kids Activities Blog

This activity was inspired by one of the cutest skeleton costumes I have seen.  It is from our sponsor, Pottery Barn Kids!

skeleton bone costume for kids

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