Math Game for Kids: Snap Plus One {Math with Cards}

This math game for kids makes learning to count fun.  Kids will actually want to practice counting because math with cards feels more like a game than learning.

Kids Activities Blog hopes you enjoy this cute card game called Snap Plus One.

card game to pracice math with kids - snap+1

Math Game for Kids

Does your child know how to count to ten or beyond, but always begins at one when they count? Are they working towards adding two collections of items? If so, this game of snap plus one, is a great way to introduce your child to a more efficient strategy for solving number problems.

Instead of always beginning at one when counting, children who can “count-on”, can count on from any given number. When solving number problems, the ability to count on is much more efficient than counting from one.

This math game of snap plus one is a fun way to practice saying the number word just after a given number in the range of one to ten.

Math games for Kids: Snap Plus One {Math with Cards}

Math with Cards

You will need a deck of playing cards. Remove all the picture cards. Ace refers to one in this game.

Kids love math with cards.  Try this math game for kids!

Snap Plus One

Just like snap, cards are dealt face down to all the players. Each player takes turns to turn one card from their pile over and places this in the middle. However, instead of slapping the pile of cards and saying snap when two cards match, in this game of snap plus one, the pile of cards are snapped only when the new card is one more than the previous card.

For example if 5 is placed in the middle and the new card placed on top is 6, players may slap the pile. The quickest player to slap the pile and say snap picks up all the cards.

When any player runs out of cards, the game is over. The player with the most cards, is the winner.

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