Straw Game {Fun With Math}

Sometimes kids need a little help having fun with math.  Pull out a few household items and make this easy straw game and everyone will be laughing and having fun.  We at Kids Activities Blog especially love how this game can be used in so many ways…for family fun night, to learn math, or even building words.

Kids will have fun with math using this simple straw game

Fun With Math

This game was so much fun. You can leave out the educational component to it but it’s definitely much more fun to watch the kids try to add up all their numbers before the other “team”. I am always looking for ways to make learning fun and this is the perfect game for some educational fun!

This is what we played a couple of weeks ago for our family night. It’s really simple to put together and all of your supplies are items from around your house.  You can also use letters and they have to try to make up words and use all of the letters. You can also change it to subtraction or multiplication.

Straw Game

You will need:

  • cereal box
  • paper 2 different colors
  • 2 straws
  • scissors

1. Cut your cereal box in half.

2. Then cut out an opening on each half this will be the goal. You need to make the opening wide.

3. Cut out 10 hearts for each team make sure they are 2 different colors to represent each team.

4. On each heart write your numbers. My boys are younger so I tried to use smaller numbers no double digit numbers.

5. Let each team pick their color hearts. Set the goals side by side on one end of the table or you can do it on the floor. Then have the teams go to the opposite end of the table.

6. When you say “GO”, each player will start blowing the hearts with the objective to get as many hearts into the goal as they can.  Once they have all their hearts in they will need to add them up either all together or group them but they must use all the hearts.

7. You can add a wild heart with no number on it and the team that gets it can say it’s whatever # they want.

8. The first team to get all their hearts in and add up all their numbers will win.

Kids can have fun with math with this cool math race

Math Race

You can change it up and time them they have 1 minute to get all their hearts in and count. We did it on our table runner and it’s much more challenging. We also tried it without the runner and it was a lot easier to blow the hearts in.

Warning: There will be lots of spit coming out of those straws.

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Let the whole family have fun with math.  This straw game is easy to make and fun to play.  For more fun kids activities, we hope you enjoy these ideas:

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