{Show Love} Valentines Cards

How do you show love on Valentine’s Day?  These sweet Valentines cards are bursting out of the card with love!  Kids Activities Blog hopes you have fun making these super cute cards with your kiddos.


Show Love

Since Rory still isn’t walking yet after her four surgeries over Christmas, we haven’t been able to do our normal footprint crafts, so we have decided to focus on hands!

One thing our family always does is wave the “I love you” sign at each other whenever we drive away or leave to go somewhere.  Rory has been doing sign language since she was a little baby.  Although the “I love you” sign since has been hard for her since was a little tot, and she has finally mastered it.

We decided to do use our “I love you” sign for the cards we would make for Dad this year.

Valentines Cards

Materials Needed:

  • red construction paper
  • paper for a card
  • scissors
  • pen
  • glue
  • any embellishments you would like

I Love You Cards

This was another project where we didn’t need to go to the store for more materials, we had everything in our house!  We traced our hands on the red construction paper and then cut them out.  For this, I traced both of Rory’s hands because I wanted her to practice her cutting skills.  She has her own pair of scissors, and I wanted to see how much she has improved in her cutting.

Once the hands were all cut out, we glued the middle finger and the ring finger to the top part of the hand.  I made sure not to fold them and rounded the fingers leaving a little bit of the space between the fingers and the hand.

I then let Rory decorate them however she wanted to!  I know Daddy will love these!

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There are so many ways to show love for your family and friends at Valentine’s Day.  We hope these I Love You Valentines cards are one of your favorites.  For more Valentines Day kids activities that might make your heart skip a beat, take a look at these ideas:

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