Over the years, parents have tried to adopt a limit of Christmas gifts per child but how many Christmas gifts are too many?

Well, Experts Say, Giving Kids Too Many Christmas Gifts Is Actually Bad For Them. Here’s Why.

According to experts, the amount of gifts your child receives in December, can directly affect them later in life. It can change or shape their attitude and behavior towards materialistic things.

If your child receives too many gifts, that can become the expectation and therefore, impact the way they react when they receive less.

In addition, experts say that research has shown that people who have materialistic values are less likely to be happy and more likely to be depressed and anxious. They’re also more likely to be competitive and manipulative, and less likely to be empathetic.

Tim Kasser, an Illinois professor who studies materialism said this:

“We know that one of the ways in which children, especially, are likely to take on materialistic values is through the modeling of family members,” Kasser said. “While to my knowledge, no one has directly studied that in the context of Christmas gift-giving, it seems likely to me that Christmas gift-giving is one of those times when that modeling is especially salient.”


He continued…

“It does strike me that the more excessive the gift-giving is, the more likely a child — especially a young child — is likely to receive the message that possessions and getting stuff are really important,” Kasser said. “And that’s another drop in the bucket toward developing a strong materialistic value orientation.”


On the flip side, other parenting experts believe that if you adopt a certain number of gifts and that is the expectation for kids each year, it will also help them when they are confronted from peers.

You know like when your kids go back to school and their friends say they got 10+ gifts or Santa gave them a large gift? They’d know how to respond and handle that situation.

So, with all of that being said, what is the magic number for gift giving? How many Christmas gifts is too many for kids?

Well, there isn’t a magic number to gifts. It’s more about choosing a number that feels right in your home. For some parents that is the 3-gift rule, 4-gift rule or even 10 gift rule.

The point is, to choose a number that works for your family and make it equal for all of your kids. Set that as the expectation and ensure your children understand that gifts should never be seen as a way to replace the love and happiness they receive from friends and family.

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