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Olympics for Kids

With the Olympics right around the corner it is the perfect time to use the symbols of the Olympics to create activities for children that review or introduce learning concepts such as color sorting. The Olympic symbol of interlocking rings of red, blue, green, black and yellow is a wonderful tool for practicing color identification. Placing colored pom poms to their appropriate colored ring with chopsticks is a fun way to practice finding color matches.
color sorting olympic rings

Color Sorting

This activity is so easy to put together. You will need a bag of multi-colored pom poms, a container to hold the pom poms before they are transferred to the rings, a copy of the Olympic rings with the rings colored in, and a fun way to transfer the pom poms. Chopsticks can be used to transfer the pom poms if you have them, but a spoon or tweezers could be used instead. After moving the pom- poms to the rings on paper you can, introduce moving them into plastic cups that have been arranged into the Olympic ring configuration. Children will need to have the paper displaying the color arrangement of the Olympic rings to use as a guide or a single pom pom could be placed into appropriate cup to let the children know which color belongs in each cup. Using the paper ring display as a guide will provide an extra challenge for children who might easily move the pom-poms into a cup already displaying the color. There may be some pom-poms in the container that are not the right color for this activity, but you may choose to use them in your pom- pom mixture. Why? They will cause your child will have to dig into the container to search and find the colors they need. Children will have to analyze whether pom pom is needed before they have it in their transfer tool. The extra pom poms will also give your child objects they can use to create a border around their Olympic rings or a flag pole at the edge of their ring paper.
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  1. Really great to my child, now she is identify easily inter connection ! colour verification Really great ! Thanks !

  2. My three year old would love having the wrong color pom pom in the bowl. She loves to purposely do an activity the wrong way then she giggles and waits for me to catch it. We’ll have to try this one but I bet she’ll have pink, purple, and orange in there somewhere!