Today we are practicing our basic math lessons while we celebrate one of the most exciting weeks on TV: Shark Week!

These fun Shark Week subtract worksheets are perfect for a quiet afternoon away from the screen.

Shark Week Color By Number Subtractions Coloring Pages
Math is so much fun when sharks are involved! Say goodbye to boring activities that no one wants to do with these Shark Week Color by Number activities.

Whether you’re looking for fun educational activities or easy stem activities for kids, we’ve got you covered!

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Shark Coloring Page

Color by number worksheets, along with other activities for preschoolers, are a great way to boost your child’s early math skills. Exercising your little one’s brain is essential at all stages.

Staying inside can be a challenge when trying to entertain your little ones, that’s why we compiled this list with fun activities for elementary students for all personality types and skill level.

Ocean coloring pages
Shark fans can use anything to color these worksheets: markers, colored pencils, crayons, even watercolor!

Shark Week Subtraction Color by Numbers Worksheets

Subtraction coloring pages are very important to stimulate kids’ creativity, help them express themselves, and practice pattern recognition.

Help your kid color these Shark Week printables: all they have to do is subtract the numbers to find the differences, and then color the pages according to the code! After they’re done you’ll have adorable and unique Shark drawings that you can put on the fridge.

Here are some random Shark facts you probably didn’t know about:

  • Did you know that sharks have a nearly 360-degree field of vision.
  • Their sense of smell is 10,000 times better than a human’s!
  • When sharks eat, they often break a few teeth.
Subtraction color by number shark week
We know your little one will love this Shark Week Color by Number activity as much as we do!

Download here:

Free Kids Coloring Pages

Check out our printable library if you still want more engaging printable kids activities like this Shark Week Subtraction Color By Number Pages!

Take a look and you will find whatever fits your kids’ mood: we have ocean printables, math resources, multiplication worksheets, connect the dots printables as well as free miscellaneous resources for teachers.

Want more Shark Week crafts?

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