Whether you’re looking for new tv free activities or you want to add more math lessons to your homeschool schedule, we’ve got you covered!

Today we are practicing our basic math lessons with these fun Baby Shark subtract worksheets! They are perfect for a quiet afternoon away from the screen.

Baby Shark Subtraction Coloring Sheet
Math is so much fun when Baby Shark is involved! Say goodbye to boring activities that no one wants to do!

Baby Shark Subtraction Worksheet

We can’t get enough of Baby Shark printables! There’s just something about this cute shark family that we just love.

Every kid I know absolutely adores Baby Shark activities! We have Baby Shark Hidden Pictures printables, Baby Shark Puzzles, and a lot more.

Baby Shark Math Printable
Baby Shark fans can use anything to color these worksheets: markers, markers, even watercolor!

Help your kid color Baby Shark: all they have to do is subtract the numbers to find the differences, and then color the printables according to the code!

You can make your own crayons to make this activity more holistic, or you can actually get these Baby Shark crayons!

Whatever coloring method you choose, we know the result will be the adorablest.

Baby Shark Printables
We know your little one will love this Baby Shark activity as much as we do!

Download here:

Can’t get enough Baby Shark?

Enjoy singing along with the Baby Shark family!

These Baby Shark Sing Along Puppets are perfect to help teach little ones some fine motor skills while having fun!

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You have to see this pokémon color by number worksheet!

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