When she was a toddler, my child could throw some spectacular tantrums. We’re not talking about the classic screaming in the store tantrums. We’re talking full on, fists and feet flailing, rolling around, red tear streaked face, top of her lungs, make everyone know just how mad she was tantrums. And they came as such a shock, too. She started out such a sweet, calm child. Quietest baby ever. When she turned two I expected the terrible twos, but no one warned me about the terrifying threes. That’s when her evil twin showed up and took over. A solid year of those tantrums and then ‘poof’ back to sweet. This elephant frolicking on the side of the road, rolling around and playing looks a little bit like a child throwing a tantrum, but like a super light version. Super cute. Take a look!

If elephants were prone to throwing tantrums, I think this one would have a head start. But from the way the adults stepped over it while it was on the ground, I’m guessing this isn’t the first time it’s rolled around like that. That stepping over thing is exactly what I used to do with my daughter, too, coincidentally.

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