Little Girl Blown Away When Tinkerbell Knows How To Sign

Every child wants to be heard. That’s probably why mine scream so loud over one another. Some struggle more than others though. Children born deaf learn very early in life that no everyone will understand their language. Not everyone will ‘hear’ what they have to say. But they accept that. And adapt. Usually with the help of family, or a therapist, or really cool friends. But sometimes someone surprises them. That’s exactly what happened to this little girl when her family visited Disney. While at the Magic Kingdom she discovered a secret about Tinkerbell…take a look!

The look on her face says it all. The fact that Tink not only speaks her language, but understands what she has to say made that family’s trip more magical than anyone could ever have imagined. What an amazing gift to give a child…the gift of being heard.

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