These turkey crafts are perfect for kids of all ages. Whether you have a toddler, preschooler, kindergartener, or older, they can all do these turkey crafts! You’ll only need basic crafting supplies to make all of these Thanksgiving turkeys! Not only that, but kids will be able to practice fine motor skills, explore colors and textures, as well as imaginative play! These fall turkey crafts are perfect for at home or in the classroom.

Turkey Crafts- feather and foam turkey, paper with texture turkey, gratitude turkey treat jar, nature turkey, Styrofoam cup turkey, cut out turkey, and dyed noodle turkey craft- kids activities blog
We have so many great turkey crafts!

Turkey Crafts For Kids

Fall is here and you know what that means!? Well, all our favorite things like pumpkin spice, Halloween, but that also means turkey time! The poor turkey tends to get overlooked, but not here!

Here we love the turkey and all these super fun and pretty crafts for kids. Make turkeys out of paper, Styrofoam, leaves, and more!

The Best Fall and Thanksgiving Turkey Crafts

Turkey Craft- bottle cap that looks like turkey with googly eyes, pipe cleaner legs, and cupcake paper feathers- kids activities blog
I love how simple, but awesome this turkey craft is.

1. Bottle Cap Turkey Magnet Craft

Make some Bottle Cap Turkey Magnets – So colorful. You only need a few items to make this turkey craft like: cupcake liners, googly eyes, and of course bottle caps!

2. Gratitude Turkey Treat Jar Craft

How cute are these turkey treat ideas? Use baby food jars to make a Baby Food Jar Turkey – filled with yummy treats. These turkey treat jars also double as gratitude jars!

3. Turkey Feather Imprint Craft

How cute is this Feather Imprint Turkey Craft? Love how she used relief coloring to create her kids project! This is not only a fun way to explore colors, but textures as well.

4. Easy Turkey Paper Bag Craft

This turkey paper bag craft is so easy to do! Download the template, grab some leaves, and crafting supplies and make a cute turkey. They best part of this turkey craft is you can use it as a puppet!

turkey craft- brown Styrofoam cup turkey with red and orange handprint feathers- kids activities blog
Use your hands to make the turkey’s feathers!

5. Styrofoam Cup Turkey Handprint Craft

Use a Styrofoam cup, a ball and some hand-prints to create these Turkeys. They’re so cute with their handprint feathers! You can make only a couple feathers, or a lot of feathers, it’s up to you!

6. Paper Cut Out Turkey Craft

You have to try this Paper Cut Out Turkey! Not only is it great fine motor skills practice for kids, but it’s totally cute. You can make your turkey with traditional Thanksgiving or fall colors or use funky designed papers!

7. Dyed Noodle Turkey Craft

This Dyed Noodle Turkey Craft is so much fun. Dye the noodles and then glue them onto the turkey to make your turkey craft super colorful!

Turkey Crafts- 3 women wearing aprons with a painted handprint turkey on them- kids activities blog
Aren’t these turkey aprons so cute! Perfect for Thanksgiving.

8. DIY Turkey Handprint Aprons Craft

Last week we made a turkey craft too! Check out our super simple Turkey Aprons, the perfect hostess gift for your kids to make for Grandma.

9. Fall Popsicle Stick Turkey Craft

Grab your paint, glue, popsicle sticks, and construction paper! This fall turkey craft is so simple to make and so much fun! It is the cutest little turkey.

10. Cute Easy Handprint Turkey Craft

Your kids are gonna love this handprint turkey craft. It’s simple, easy, and fun! Make colorful feathers using construction paper and your hands and use construction paper and googly eyes for the face! Oh, the body is a brown paper plate! If you don’t have brown paper plates you can always paint one!

Special Thanks To Everyone Who Contributed Turkey Craft Ideas

Thanks to everyone who contributed ideas to this post: Let the Children Play, The Imagination Tree, Messy Kids and Hands On: As We Grow.

More Fall and Thanksgiving Crafts From Kids Activities Blog

Turkey craft- turkey origami with white and orange pumpkins-kids activities blog
This is the coolest turkey craft! You can make a turkey with origami!

Which turkey crafts did you try? How did they turn out?

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring our turkey magnets! I love the turkey apron you did, it would be the perfect gift for the Thanksgiving hostess (in our case, grandma!!) great round-up!


  2. I love the designs that kids made. I will teach my children on how to make some of this so that they will enjoy to do this stuff.

  3. So happy to see my turkey featured on It’s Playtime!
    I didn’t mean to post my Autumn Nature Table 3 times. Accckkk!! Is there a way you can remove two of the links? I tried doing it on my own, but can’t figure it out. Sorry about that.

  4. Thanks for featuring our pasta turkeys =-) What fun to see it featured!! We had so much fun & I hope someone else will enjoy it or be inspired to vary it up to fit their famiy =-)


  5. I love this round up! I’m sad that I wasn’t quicker at uploading ours. I have plans on blogging about one I’m excited about tomorrow and would have loved the possibility to make it on your list. Such is the life of a blogger. 😛 Thanks for putting together such a great list. We’ve been on a turkey kick and I can’t wait to look through all of the other ideas!