Spiral Stems: Fun with Dandelions

IMG_7262If your kids are like mine, then this super simple activity, using only Dandelions and water, is sure to keep them amused for a long time.   I’ve even seen this entertain a group of seventh graders for up to an hour.


Materials Needed:

  • Ice cream pail or mixing bowl of water
  • Dandelions (pick the stems off close to ground.   The thicker and taller the better)

Pop the heads off the dandelions.   Carefully split the stems into thin strips.   Put the strips into the bowl of water and watch how they slowly curl into tight, enchanting, spirals.   Have fun playing with the curly stems. I am not clear on the science behind the curling, but it sure is fun!!


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  1. That is cool. I wonder if the science has to do with the tubes in the jerky for getting the water up?

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