Sneaky Valentine’s Day Code Game

This Valentines Day code game uses a secret spy code for kids. Add it to your Valentine’s Day activities for kids for some sneaky fun.  

Valentines Day Code Activities for Kids

Valentine’s Day Code Game

Are you looking for a fun way to tell your kids you love them this Valentine’s Day? This secret message Valentine game would be a fun way to do it!

I remember, as a kid, my Dad used his computer to make up secret-coded messages for us. It was so much fun decoding them. We thought we were super-spies!

You can challenge your kids with this Cypher Wheel. You could even mail it to your kids in an imaginary post office.

Set Up the Cypher Wheel 

The Cypher Wheel has two parts– the dark yellow outside is one part & the light yellow inside circle is another.  You will notice the inner circle has a small arrow. This is the key!

First, print the Cypher Wheel. Then, cut out both wheels, making sure to leave the little arrow on the small wheel. Finally, attach the wheels in the center so they can still move with a brad or fun tack. You are now ready to create your secret message!

Create your secret Valentine’s Day note for your kids

1.   Write a message using only letters from the alphabet (no numbers). The cypher wheel has only 24 letters…so for a “J” put a “Y” and for a “Q” put an “O”.

2. Pick a single letter from the alphabet. Write this down as the first letter of your encrypted message (don’t use J or Q   because they’re not on the wheel). In my picture example above, I chose H. You can see my encrypted message begins with “H.”

3. Rotate the wheel until the black arrow points the letter you have just picked. This letter is the “Key”…so your child will need both the cypher and the key to solve your puzzle!

4.   Don’t move the wheel! Now, for each letter of your original message, find that letter on the outer wheel & write down the letter that is exactly below it on the inner wheel.   When finished you will have your encrypted message!

Valentine's Day Code Game

How Your Kids Can Solve The Valentine’s Day code:

1. Surprise them with the special secret message and only ONE part of the cypher wheel. Hide the key (inner circle) and send them on a scavenger hunt to find it! Give them clues that take them from place to place until they’ve found the key. Now they’re ready to decode!

2.   Show them the first letter of the secret message and explain that this is the key. Line up the little black arrow on the key with the correct letter on the cypher wheel. This special first letter is not part of the message.

3. For each letter of the secret message, find that letter on the inner wheel and write down the letter that is directly above it on the outer wheel.

4.   Check they Y’s and O’s. See if the message makes more sense with a J or a Q instead.

Valentines Day Code - Valentines Day Activities for Kids

Your kids will have a blast figuring out their special message…and you’ll secretly know you’ve challenged their brains at the same time! Who knows, your cipher to your child might end up stored with your child treasures.

More Valentines Day Activities for Kids

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Leave a comment to tell us how you will celebrate Valentine’s Day this year!


  1. I love this! How fun 😉

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  5. Are you sure that this game is for kids? I tried it and it was too hard even for me 😀

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