85 Ways to Show You Love Him

Ways to show love is the topic for today.

What in the HECK is Kids Activities Blog doing today?  This is a kids activities blog!  I need an activity for my children!

Never fear, we will be back on topic tomorrow, but today we thought it would be great fun to chat about ways to show you love him.  You know, that guy, the father of your kid(s).

Family is important.   Spouses who love each other raise their children in a home that is full of love!

ways to show love - 85 ways to show you love him

How to date with Kids

If you are looking for other ways to “date” your man, check out the posts listed at the bottom for lots more ideas!

Love your hubby

P.S.   Isn’t my fella handsome?   I rarely include personal photos on this blog, but I couldn’t resist this time!

Ways to Show You Love Him

  1. Pick up a little snack for him at the store (or make him one) that he can take to work with him the next day.
  2. Cuddle while you watch a movie
  3. Warm a towel for him while he’s in the shower, so a hot towel is waiting for him instead of a cold bathroom.
  4. Drop off Starbucks to him at his work.
  5. Do all the laundry in the house.
  6. Thank him for taking care of you in all of the ways that he does. Spiritually, financially, mentally, friendship, etc.
  7. Sincerely thank him for the things he does for your family.
  8. Write a brief love-note and stick it on his pillow or where he will find it easily.
  9. Make his favorite meal for dinner.
  10. Play the game “21 Questions” – get to know your spouse.   Even if you’ve been married for several years there are so many things to re-learn about our loved ones!
  11. Show them we are their fan by telling someone else something we like about our hubby’s, once in their hearing if possible, the other time to get us in the habit of saying and thinking great things about our husbands.
  12. 50 Ways to Show Your Husband You Love Him

  13. Bring a plate of homemade cookies to him at work, enough to share with his co-workers.
  14. Make your house a bit cleaner than normal, or spiffy it up in a special way.
  15. Hot Coco waiting for him when he gets home (assuming, it is cold out), maybe a iced drink if it’s hot.
  16. Let your DH know you love them while they are at work {a phone call, email, note with lunch, etc.}.
  17. Get up with the kids and let him sleep in on the weekend.
  18. Put on some lipstick before he gets home!
  19. Play footsie – dinner time can often be crowd control from opposite sides of the table.   If you can’t play footsie, maybe sit next to each other if that is usual for you.
  20. Let him know something positive that someone said to you about your husband.
  21. Pick a 24hr period and try not to complain about anything to him during that time.
  22. Date night at home after you put the kids to bed early.
  23. Take out the trash or do “his” chore that day.
  24. Do something extra special to greet your DH when he gets home tonight. If you usually greet with a smile, add a smooching session, if you greet over the noise of the kids from the other room, meet him at the door, if you are wonder woman, add a favorite meal or something else that is different for you.
  25. Make your DH/SO laugh.  Get a good belly laugh out of him to get rid of the stress he’s been accumulating all day.
  26. Dig out, clean & wear the engagement ring.   Shining Rings here we come!
  27. Let go of the small stuff. We all have annoying habits and preferences that are different from our spouse's.
  28. Walk closer to them than normal.
  29. Hold their eyes longer than normal in conversation
  30. Pick a book that interests both of you and take turns reading to each other.
  31. Give him a flower – as girls we so often get the flowers!   Give him a turn!
  32. Give him a long foot rub.
  33. Play “your song” or other sappy songs that remind you of your early days together.
  34. Take a “kissy” picture together!   Our pictures are from our wedding, we need new “together” ones!
  35. Wake him up right before the alarm goes off with kisses.
  36. Serve your hubby without expecting something in return.
  37. Give him alone time so he can recharge!
  38. Go on a “date” as a whole family – a strand of three (or more) is not easily broken. Do something everyone would enjoy together.
  39. Be quick to apologize if you have done something hurtful or inconsiderate.
  40. Compliment him for getting a good deal on something, or saving money.
  41. Say your vows to each other, maybe even in front of the kids.
  42. Make a “Love Note Jar” with all the different reasons that you love them listed inside.   Lindsey was able to come up with 200 reasons.   Let me know if you top that!
  43. Go for a long walk together.
  44. Make an extra effort to actively listen to him.   Ask leading questions to get him talking about his day.
  45. Thinks of three reasons you are proud of him, let him know!
  46. Defend his decisions and actions to others, especially family or close friends.
  47. Sit shoulder to shoulder “ no need for talking, just keep him company.
  48. Do something that he likes that you wouldn't normally do.
  49. Let him pick a movie that you wouldn't normally care for.
  50. Play a game that he likes or is better at.
  51. Thank you husband for being a good example for your children and being the leader in your home.ways to show you love him
  52. Ask him about his dreams & desires.
  53. Go out to his favorite restaurant.
  54. Tell him something that you have learned about yourself that you are changing to be better for him.
  55. Pick him up a small man  gift that he has been hinting about.
  56. Backrub, foot rub, etc.
  57. Thank his mother for doing an excellent job in raising your man!
  58. Have sex with him “ without him begging you or complaining about it. Initiate!
  59. Get dressed sexy for him.
  60. Say something nice about him to someone else.
  61. Fill his car with gas so he doesn't have to stop on the way to work.
  62. Get his car washed & vacuumed or do it yourself.
  63. Iron his favorite shirt so it will look that much nicer.
  64. Compliment his body in some way. Weight, eyes, lips, etc.
  65. Sex coupons “ Don't be cheap here. He desires sex more than anything. Get creative.
  66. Encourage him to go out for an evening with the guys.
  67. Thank your husband for choosing you to be his wife.
  68. Tell the kids one of the reasons that you fell in love with their dad, in front of him.
  69. Tell the kids something that dad does for the family that is so special, in front of him.
  70. Let him know a reason that he makes you feel safe. Men want to protect us.
  71. Ask him about a question that relates to his expertise or a hobby of his.
  72. Compliment him for getting a good deal on something, or saving money.
  73. Ask him how you can pray for him.
  74. Tell him all of the reasons that you respect him, not love him.
  75. When you feel the desire to nag or remind him of something he is not doing, choose instead to thank him for something that he does for you.
  76. Hang out with your husband while he is doing a task that serves the family. Such as fixing the car, hanging a light, repairing something, etc.
  77. Go out of your way to take care of him if he is sick. Above & beyond.
  78. Let your husband discipline the children without you second guessing him or going against him.
  79. Say something nice about him to his family & to yours, in front of him.
  80. Tell him you love him – it is amazing how important those three words are!
  81. Invite his best friend (& wife or girlfriend) for dinner. Just his friends, not yours as well.
  82. Make his favorite dessert within his sight, wearing something just for him.
  83. When he's in the shower in the morning (he gets up before me), I sometimes get up and get him breakfast ready, if normaly he does this on his own.
  84. Swing by his work and leave something in his car, then I take a photo of his car with my phone and send it to him to let him know I was by ¦
  85. Write a message to him on the mirror when it's steamed up from the shower. It will only appear when the mirror gets fogged. I do this when I shower so it's a surprise when he takes his shower.
  86. Leave a note in the paper (or another consistent place) every morning. Just a quick little sweet love note.

Ways to Show You Love Him - Kids Activities Blog

More Ways to Show Love

Thanks to Jenna, from High Gloss and Sauce, and Aimee, of Women’s Marriage Ministry provided some of the more “creative” ideas – check them out.

The blogs below are featuring ways to date your hubs.   Happy browsing!


  1. Make his favorite dessert within his sight, wearing something just for him

  2. Thanks Laura I’m adding your answer to our list! Only 24 more to go!!!

  3. Haven’t gone through the whole list yet, but here are some of ours 🙂

    He leaves me a note in the paper every morning. I never know where it’s going to be, but it’s always a quick little sweet love note 🙂

    When he’s in the shower in the morning (he gets up before me), I sometimes get up and get him breakfast ready. Normaly he does this on his own.

    Special treats get hidden in his briefcase.

    I get HIM flowers.

    Swing by his work and leave something in his car, then I take a photo of his car with my phone and send it to him to let him know I was by…
    .-= Ann´s last blog .."typical boy?" or more? =-.

  4. I love the photo. It’s beautiful of both of you. Very romantic yet spunky.
    .-= Jimmie´s last blog ..Math Poetry =-.

  5. How about we use this list in reverse and send to our husbands! It’d be a great Valentine’s gift in recognition of all that mothers as we juggle both work and life.

  6. Write a message to him on the mirror when it’s steamed up from the shower. It will only appear when the mirror gets fogged. I do this when I shower so it’s a surprise when he takes his shower.

    Another way to show love is to save water–shower together. 😉
    .-= Robyn´s last blog ..Tips on Tuesday: Just for Today =-.

  7. I love them! Thanks bunches! Keep them coming!

  8. Many inspiring ideas ladies! my husband is a techy with very little techy time at home…. so my idea is to take the kids (and dog) and leave him home alone for a few hours with NO to do list! Let him know those hours are for him! 😉

  9. Such a good reminder! My hubby is an IT manager (haha, slave) and likes his alone time too! I should be more generous in giving him peace and quiet!

  10. Hey there! Loved the post and found it perfect to link to through a post I recently did on How to make his Valentine’s memorable. You can see the post here if you like, and what a great job on some fantastic ideas to show him how much you care!


    – Mesina
    .-= Mesina´s last blog ..Growing your own =-.

  11. wow, great post! I love your ideas, and the photo is wonderful!

  12. Anne-Marie says:

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. Wow, that is a long list. I had better get started. There’s no better time to do this than now. Thanks!

  14. What a great list!

    Something else I do is to make sure I thank my husband for the daily love poem he writes for me (and has written since early 2005).

    How many wives have husbands that do that!?

  15. As a man, I could really say that most of these are the things that I want my wife to do to me! Should get her to read this :P– Amiel

  16. Thanks for these, I have been trying to think of ways to make my husband feel more loved, I’ll be sure to use some of these!

  17. These tips are so cute! I’ve been looking for a way to show my boyfriend how much I love him, thanks!

  18. What can I say??? This list is great and I will put some of the suggestions on my site. WE are always finding ways to help our members to ‘love with abundance’ and your thread is a masterpiece to light the way. I will pop bits on our facebook page and link it back to you 😉

    Love from Judyx
    Always loving with abundance

  19. Hi again

    I have now posted your wonderful list on our facebook page so I am sure that will help spread the love.

  20. This really made me tear up. I am getting better, but I am SO bad about showing my husband how much I love him. I TELL him all the time, but I don’t feel like I SHOW it enough… I am going to save this post!!!

  21. I found you from on blogfrog, btw:)

  22. I love this list!!! Just shared it on Facebook- and plan to share a link in my blog post this week. Awesome Rach!

  23. What great advice. My husband and I will be married 30 years this August and we should all act as though we are newly weds. We sometimes let work, house work, cleaning, etc get int he way..don’t let it…GREAT ADVICE…

  24. This was such an important post! Thank you for taking the time to write all of these amazing ideas. It is truly about the ‘little things’, isn’t it?? I loved the one about ironing… a task I too often avoid but know the Happy Hubby would love if I broke out the board and gave him a few more shirts to pick from for church!! 🙂 Many blessings on your marriage!!!

  25. 25 confuses me, doesn’t everyone always wear their engagement ring? when you get married u don’t stop right?

  26. Wow. You have really find so many good things to show your love. Really impressing. There are so many ways to show your partner that you love him. The important thing is to show that you appreciate and respect him. It’s also important to understand the small differences between the two of you and give him the space he needs to have. More of my thoughts you can find here http://theroadtounknown.blogspot.com/2013/02/how-to-show-you-love-him.html

  27. Thanks for sharing this with all of us. Of course, what a great site and informative post. I will bookmark this site. Keep doing your great job and always gain my support. Thank you for sharing this beautiful article.

  28. Am I the only one that noticed that praising him for saving money or getting a good deal was on there twice (39, 71)? Perhaps this speaks to my priorities and no one else’s 😛

  29. It is necessary that we show how much we love our spouses. I love sending him love notes to tell him I love him so much.

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