Kid-Made Craft Stick Tigers

Kids bored? Here’s an idea! Give them a box of new craft supplies with the simple instruction to “make something.” I recently did just that, and look what the child made! These adorable Craft Stick Tigers double as a refrigerator magnet or a bookmark. How very creative!

Kid-Made Craft Stick Tigers - Fun for all ages!

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Kid-Made Craft Stick Tigers

To make this cute craft you will need:

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Kid-Made Craft Stick Tigers


Begin by gluing two standard sized craft sticks side by side. While the glue is drying, use the scissors to cut out small triangles from the orange and yellow construction paper. 

Next, use the scissors to cut out a small, round head for the tiger. Use the black marker to draw a nose and mouth on the head of the tiger. Use the glue to attach 2 wiggly eyes to the tiger’s head.

Kid-Made Craft Stick Tigers

When the popsicle sticks are dry, gently glue down the orange triangles to create a tiger pattern. Next, use the glue to attach the tiger’s head. Cut 2 small red ears from construction paper then glue them to the back of the tiger’s head. Last, cut a swirly tail from orange construction paper. Glue it to the back of the craft sticks.

If desired, secure a piece of adhesive magnetic tape to the back of the craft sticks. Now the tiger is a magnet!

Kid-Made Craft Stick Tigers

Kids are so creative! If your child likes tigers, you should also check out our free tiger coloring page for kids!

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