By now you’ve heard of the Pokemon Go craze. It’s the app that is bringing out the 5th graders in us all (it came out 20 years ago when I was in 5th grade). Now as adults, we are sharing our love for the popular game with our kids and getting out to catch em’ all. However, with all the negative publicity going around regarding the app, it’s easy to see why some parents would frown upon allowing the game to be played in their household at all. But before you make that final decision you should read these 5 Reasons Your Entire Family Should Play Pokemon Go! It’s a different perspective, a positive one and something that every family should consider! 5 Reasons Your Entire Family Should Play Pokemon Go

5 Reasons Your Entire Family Should Play Pokemon Go

  1. Everyone gets exercise – If you haven’t read up on the app by now then you should know the #1 idea behind this app is that you have to get out walking to find Pokemon. The brilliant creators behind the app made it so your phone uses GPS satellites to track your move (just like a GPS navigation device). Therefore, you have to walk to find Poke Stops and of course, Pokemon. Driving makes you move too fast which the app is smart enough to know. So by using this app your entire family is getting outside, getting some fresh air and more importantly, exercise.
  2. You explore new places – Another big idea behind Pokemon Go is that you want to explore new places to catch different types of Pokemon. For example, if you live near a pond or lake, you are more likely to capture water Pokemon but if you visit a place more a grassy area, you will find grass type Pokemon. This gives you and your family something to do, somewhere new to go, and you get to find new places you might not have otherwise.
  3. It’s a learning experience – No matter how you view technology, we all can agree that it’s better to use it as a learning tool then to deprive ourselves or our kids from it. Technology is part of the way of life now and this app can become a learning experience. For example, you get to learn about each and every different Pokemon. You learn colors, their different elemental types, their attacks, how to level them up, where to find them, etc. It truly is an entire learning experience if you choose to make ti that way. My youngest son (he is almost 2) has even learned how to throw Poke Balls which helps with hand-eye coordination. 5 Reasons Your Entire Family Should Play Pokemon Go2
  4. It’s time spent as a family – When you are playing Pokemon Go every where you go and everything you do, is done as a family. Board Game night probably gets boring pretty quickly because it’s the same game done in the same way. With Pokemon Go you are out and about searching for new Pokemon and you never know what will pop up next. It keeps that family time exciting and fun. Besides I bet your teens will think you are totally cool for playing with them!
  5. You become a more socialized family – Again, going back to the whole technology aspect of today, most of us engage with the people in our homes or via the web. When you are playing Pokemon Go you are out in your community meeting new people, having conversations about common interests, and making new friends. You become more socialized and that can help build character and confidence in our children for the long run.
Now you know my top reasons why your entire family should play Pokemon Go. Of course, it goes without saying that you should be safe. You can check out these Pokemon Go Safety Tips for Users. Pokemon-Go-Safety-Tips-for-Users2 And if you really want to WOW your kids with your Pokemon catching skills, check out this great post on Tips & Tricks for Playing Pokemon Go! Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 5.00.00 PM

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