This Pokemon Aerodactyl Magnet Clip is a fun DIY craft kids will love to make. Plus, it doubles as a clip they can use to display all of their newest art projects and achievements on! While you’re here, if you’re looking for more fun Pokemon crafts check out: Pokemon Grimer Slime, Pokemon Bookmarks, Pokemon No-Sew Costume, LEGO Charmander Figure and Pokemon Candy Pokeballs. Now that you have all sorts of fun Pokemon craft ideas, let’s jump into making this Aerodactyl Magnet Clip! Related: Make a Pokemon Pikachu Hat with Printable Template

Pokemon Aerodactyl Magnet Clip

Supplies Needed:

How to Make it:

Start by painting the clothes pin purple. Try to get the same shade of purple paint as the paper if you can and set aside to dry.

Now fold the purple paper in half. With a pencil, draw half of the Aerodactyl’s body along the folded crease in the paper. This way when you cut it out it is symmetrical. Make sure to draw everything except for the head (neck, body, wing, leg, and tail).

When you are done sketching the body, cut it out. Be sure to keep the paper folded while you cut. Unfold the paper when you’re done cutting and you’ll have a full body.

Once your painted clothes pin is done drying, use a hot glue gun to glue it to the neck part of the purple paper so that it resembles the head.

Now flip the craft over and glue the two magnets onto the bottom of the clothes pin.

Finally glue the two googly eyes on the top of the clothes pin.

Now you are done! You can hang the magnets on the fridge and use the clothes pin head to clamp onto papers!

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