When life gives you lemons, make more than lemonade! That’s exactly what my daughter and I did with our Green Works StemBox science experiment who is also our sponsor for today. green works stembox It was so much fun watching my 8-year-old daughter getting excited about science. In fact, once we completed the lemon batteries science experiment, she proclaimed “Mom, I LOVE science! It’s my favorite!” Can’t help but love a product that gets my daughter pumped up about traditionally male-dominated fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (there’s a different experiment/concept explored  each month). I also like that my daughter and I was learning  while bonding.

Green Works StemBox

Our StemBox powered by Green Works included:
  • LED Bulb
  • Alligator Clips
  • Zinc Nails
  • Copper Wires
  • Goggles
  • Gloves
  • Instructions Page
  • Pin
  • Mini Clock
  • STEM Sticker
  • Sheet
  • Green Works Compostable Wipes
Note: We had to provide 4 lemons for our STEM project. green works stembox green works stembox green works stembox Performing the lemon batteries science project was the FUN part! The directions on the instructions page were so easy to follow which helped to keep my daughter’s attention and enthusiasm throughout  the Green Works StemBox experiment. We worked together on this project, but I had her do most of the work. First, she inserted the zinc nails into the lemons. green works stembox Followed by inserting  a  copper wire on each  opposite end of the lemons. green works stembox We then connected each lemon together with the alligator clips to create a lemon battery that could light an LED bulb. green works stembox It was fun to turn all the lights off in the house to get the full effect of the LED bulb lighting up! green works stembox green works stembox When we were done with the lemon batteries science experiment, we took one of the lemons and inserted the mini clock (not a part of the lemon batteries science project) into it. My daughter now has a clock powered by a lemon! The instructions say you can also just use plain water to power it. So cool, right?

Stem Box Subscription Details:

A monthly subscription service aimed at young girls (7-13), providing different hands-on science experiments and concepts  each month to explore STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and math).  Green Works is the same brand that brings you the shockingly powerful cleaners derived from the strength of naturally sourced ingredients and is excited  to be the first official sponsor of StemBox. Green Works is proud to help the next generation of female scientists  unleash their power and discover their natural potential. As a continuing supporter of girls in STEM, Green Works knows great things happen when women get involved in  science. Years ago, a dedicated female scientist, Maria Ochomogo, led the team that created the laundry and  household cleaners that make-up today’s Green Works line.  A portion of proceeds from each March Green Works StemBox subscription will be donated to AAUW, The American  Association of University Women, to continue their work of empowering women and girls through advocacy,  education, philanthropy and research.

Subscription cost:

  • Month to month = $36
  • 3 month prepay = $28
  • 6 month prepay = $170
Each StemBox subscription kit contains almost all of the necessary components to complete a STEM experiment.  You may need to purchase items such as lemons like we did from time to time but overall, it’s a great deal considering you are getting craft supplies that allow you to be creative and indulge in the world of STEM. Who knows…if my daughter  continues to be this fired up about science, then she may become this generation’s  next leading female scientist. StemBox is the just the right catalyst to get her creative juices flowing in an educational way. green works stembox For more information on Green works and its continued support of Girls in  STEM visit GreenWorksCleaners.com. This was a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Green Works . The opinions and text are all mine.


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