Looking for the best slime kits? Look no further! We have gathered the best slime kits that come with everything you need. There are all different kinds of slime from dark slime to rainbow slime, and don’t worry about buying extra like a slime activator, everything is included in the slime kit.

best slime kit- Child playing with pink, green, and blue slime on the flood

Best Slime Kits For Kids

Many kids love slime and there are new kits that make slime play even more fun. Each ultimate slime kit are different, with different slimes, but each should have step by step instructions on how to make them.

Which is why a slime kit makes great gifts!

You can choose from many kits online and your kids will love all each DIY slime kit.

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Top 10 Best Slime Kits That Your Child Will Love

These are the top 10 best slime kids that you can get your kids. From small kits to a jumbo slime kit there are all sorts of different colours and kinds of slimes to choose from. These also make the perfect gifts!

Edible Slime Kits

1. Jell-O Play Slime Unicorn Making Kit- Strawberry Flavored

best slime kit-Jell-O Play Unicorn Edible Slime Kit
Edible Jell-O strawberry slime, how cool!-Courtesy of Amazon

You can order this Jello Unicorn Slime! Not only is it unicorn themed, but it’s also 100% edible and actually tastes like strawberry. This is great for smaller kids and would make a wonderful sensory activity. All this slime powder needs to be activated is water! There is enough in this unicorn slime kit to make 2 batched.

2. Playz Edible Slime Candy STEM Chemistry Kit

best slime kit- Edible Slime Candy STEM Chemistry Set
An edible slime kit?! Yes please! -Courtesy of Amazon

This edible slime candy kit is so neat. There are 25 experiments including making some other treats other than slime, but you’ll have a chance to make hot chocolate slime, marshmallow slime, snot slime, and more!

Galaxy Slime Kits

3. Galaxy Slime Making Kit With Glow In The Dark Stars

best slime kit- Galaxy Slime making kit with glow in the dark slime
Star light, star bright, this galaxy slime kit is what I wish for tonight!-Courtesy of Amazon

Love space? Then this galaxy slime kit is for you! Create 4 different galaxy slimes using glitter, colors, beads, aliens, planets and more! This slime kit has everything you need and then some!

4. Galaxy Slime Kit- Ultimate Fluffy Slime Making Kit With Glow In The Dark Slime

best slime kit- Ultimate Fluffy slime galaxy kit
Looking for a galaxy slime kit with more textures? Look no further! -Courtesy of Amazon

Glow in the dark fluffy slime? Sign me up! Make colorful slime that looks just like the galaxy! Add beads, metallic stars, colorful foam, and we can’t forget glow in the dark stars! This galaxy slime kit is super cool and kids of all ages will love it.

Elmer’s Slime Kits

5. Elmer’s Collection Slime Kit To Make 5 Different Slimes

best slime kit- Elmer's Collection Slime Kit
This Elmer’s collection slime kit has so many different slimes you can make.- Courtesy of Amazon

This Elmer’s Collection Slime Kit is so cool! Why? Because you can make 5 different slimes! Seriously! You can make:

  • Glow In The Dark Slime
  • Metallica Slime
  • Confetti Slime
  • Translucent Slime
  • Crunchy Slime

6. Elmer’s Celebration Slime Kit

best slime kit- Elmer's Celebration Slime Kit
Celebration slime is one of Elmer’s coolest slime kits. Make crunchy slime, glitter slime, and more! – Courtesy of Amazon

Elmer’s also has a celebration slime kit! You can make 5 different slimes, and even mix and match them! Make a crunchy lime, metallic slime, a sparkly slime, and Ombre slime, and even a confetti slime!

7. Elmer’s All Star Slime Kit

best slime kit- Elmer's All Star Slime Pack
I think may favorite slime in this Elmer’s All Star slime kit is the metallic slime, so pretty! – Courtesy of Amazon

Elmer’s All Star slime kit is very unique. Make scented slime, metallic slime, sparkly slime, butter slime, fluffy slime, and more! This is the perfect slime kit of kids and would also make a fantastic gift!

National Geographic Slime Kits

8. National Geographic Mega Slime Kit

best slime kit- National Geographic mega slime and putty lab
There are 8 different slimes to make in this National Geographic slime kit-Courtesy of Amazon

This National Geographic mega slime kit is so cool! It comes with 8 different slimes you can make of all different colors. Multicolored slimes, metallic slimes, green slime, blue slime, red slime, purple slime! So many colors to choose from. With this mega slime kit, you’ll be able to make:

  • Slime
  • Color Changing Slime
  • Liquid Slime
  • Fluffy Slime
  • Glow In The Dark Slime
  • Snotty Slime
  • Magnetic Slime
  • Bouncing Slime

9. National Geographic Super Slime Kit

best slime kit- National Geographic- Super slime science lab
This super slime science lab kit is another National Geographic kit that is super fun- Courtesy of Amazon

This National Geographic super slime kit is smaller than the other, but you will still have a step by step guide to make 4 different slime kits. In this slime kit you’ll be able to make: red slime, blue slime, purple liquid slime, and fluffy slime.

Glow In The Dark Slime Kit

10. Original Stationary Glow In The Dark Slime Kit

best slime kit- Glow in the dark slime kit
Colorful, neon, sparkly, and tropical, this glow in the dark slime kit is awesome- Courtesy of Amazon

This glow in the dark slime kit is so cool! Not only is it themed, but comes with a UV light! Make neon rainbow slime, pink, yellow, and orange slime. Add glitter and beads, and foam! This is perfect to play in the dark!

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