Part science experiment, part art project, the Magic Water Elf toy from Blaxter Star lets kids create their own jelly toys. The concept is both fun, creative, and educational, which makes it a win in my book.

With Magic Water Elf, kids can create jelly sea baby toys using molds. Source:

How to Make Jelly Sea Baby Toys

This DIY activity set allows kids to make sea creatures using molds and a special mixture. As a result, kids can create their very own play aquarium. I can already picture my kids squealing in joy as they turn a mold and into a squishy sea baby toy!

Each DIY set comes with four different molds, as well as ELF powder that, when mixed with water, creates a solution that helps form the jelly sea baby toys.


Once the solution is made, kids are supposed to put the mold in the solution, then fill the mold with their choice of colors. Kids can also decorate it with different shapes and colors too. In other words: there’s so much creativity going on with these!


After that, dunk the mold into the solution, and shake it around a bit. To make sure the sea baby holds its shape, be sure to let it soak in water for five to 10 minutes too.


The kids now have super cool jelly toys to play with! With four colors in every set, kids can mix and match, get creative, and come up with all sorts of fun jelly creatures.

Want the toys to be even bigger? Let the sea baby float around in water for a couple hours, and they’ll grow in size!


While my kids will probably need a little help to get started on making their very own sea creature toys, they’re going to have a blast using their imagination to create their own aquarium.

The Magic Water Elf set is available from starting at $28.99.


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