Today we have a list of PVC projects and DIY projects to make fun kids toys. Some you can make for kids to play inside, some for outside, even some PVC pipe projects to enjoy hot summer days. Kids of all ages will love these creative ideas to make the funnest toys!

Toys to Make with PVC Pipes - pvc projects that are easy to make and fun for kids - Kids Activities Blog
Which PVC project will we choose first?

PVC Pipe Projects

Let’s do some surprisingly simple PVC Projects today that make homemade toys with PVC pipes. From DIY baby gyms to fall walls, play periscopes and marshmallow shooters to backyard water play these 15 fun and fabulous toys to make with PVC pipes will guarantee in hours of fun.

PVC pipes are the white plastic plumbing pipes you can find at the hardware store in multiple diameters and lengths. They can be connected together with elbows, tees, crosses, unions or capped. See how simple these low-cost ideas are to construct for parents and kids.

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PVC Projects that are PVC Toys

My first PVC project was the tent project you will see below. I went to the local big box hardware store and purchased some straight PVC pipes, some connectors and a PVC pipe cutter.

I started building the tent with the straight PVC pipes and adding the connectors. It was like a big Tinker Toy set! I couldn’t believe how easily this all could be accomplished even if you aren’t skilled at carpentry, repair, etc.! Putting these pvc projects together are part of the fun.

Toys to Make with PVC Pipes - pvc projects obstacle course and bow and arrow
I love both of these pvc toys so much…get outside and have some fun together.

1. DIY Backyard Obstacle Course

Keep the kids active with simple DIY PVC Pipe obstacles. See how easy they are to make on MollyMooCrafts. I love how creative you can get with each of the obstacle course stations and this one has safety in mind with a foam cross bar. You can get most of the items you need here from your local hardware store.

2. PVC Pipe Bow And Arrow

Your Brave boys and girls will be kept happy for hours with this DIY PVC bow and arrow. via Skip to my Lou It is amazing to me how some pvc piping and a few other household items can create this really workable bow and arrow. What a great way to use PVC pipes.

Toys to Make with PVC Pipes - marshmallow shooter and pvc pipe tent for kids
More outdoor fun with pvc pipe projects that transform into really cool toys.

3. Make a Marshmallow Blow Gun out of PVC Pipe

This is such a great idea and so cool. This marshmallow shooter gun would definitely make a great project for a scout group, church group, or after school club, or just as a family activity! see how to make on FrugalFun4Boys

4. Make a Summer Reading Tent

Make a summer reading and hangout tent with a simple PVC pipe frame! This is the original pvc project I was mentioning above. It is really easy to learn how to make a tent out of pvc pipe and some old sheets. Such an easy way to use pvc pipes to give your child a place to read, play, and to inspire imaginative play.

Toys to Make with PVC Pipes - pvc projects for fall wall, water table and pvc swords

5. Transform PVC Pipes into an Indoor Fall Wall

You don’t need power tools for this awesome PVC pipe project! Make this pvc pipe wall attached with suction cups to a window for hours of fall wall fun. Tubes + Kids = Hours of play! This pvc pipe project uses mostly connectors and elbows. You could also cut some of the long, straight tubes for some longer runs of the fall wall.

6. PVC Pipe Sensory Table

Looking for more fun things to make? Make your own PVC Piping sensory water table. What a great, low-cost idea for an outdoor sensory tub/table! spotted on Sengerson. I like how it is a simple rectangle made out of pvc pipes with a lower area to set plastic bins in. Once it is set up, you could have one area for water play and one area for sensory toys.

7. PVC Sword Light Sabers

Do your kids (boys in particular) love swords and/or light sabers? Try this one using PVC piping via The Idea Room. The good news is there is plenty of pool noodle padding so your little Jedi won’t injure others. This is one of my favorite DIY PVC pipe projects.

Toys to Make with PVC Pipes - pvc projects for soccer goal, pvc bike wash and pvc puppet theater
We are going to play some pvc pipe soccer, then run the bikes through the pvc bike wash before going to the puppet show.

8. DIY PVC Pipe Soccer Goal

Turn the backyard into a playing field, and you will be ready to score with this surprisingly simple pvc pipe project for your backyard via ICanTeachMyChild. Grab some soccer goal netting and pvc pipes and joints and soon you will be yelling…gooooooooooal! This is so great for big kids or even younger children.

9. PVC Bike Wash

The children will have a fantastic time cooling off and tinkering with the pvc pipes for this diy bike wash. What happens when you put your finger over the hole? Let’s find out via Crafty Morning. This also doubles as a kid wash since kids can run through the pvc pipe sprinklers. Such a fun way to clean your kids’ bikes.

10. Puppet Theatre Made of PVC Pipe

This DIY PVC Pipe puppet theater is so easy and fun! Here’s to even more drama in your home via Cutesy Crafts. Get some curtains and your favorite puppets ready for the big puppet show in your pvc theater. Little kids will love this! It’s a more visual way to do story time.

Toys to Make with PVC Pipes - pvc projects for baby gym, ladder golf and a periscope
Oh the fun we will have with these three pvc projects.

11. PVC Pipe Baby Gym

Throw this sweet baby gym together with the most basic of backyard supplies via Domanmon. All of baby’s favorite toys can hang from this homemade baby gym created with pvc pipes.

12. DIY PVC Pipe Ladder Golf

Ladder golf is a very fun game and you can build your own with this handy tutorial via Mom Endeavors. Ladder golf seems like the obvious choice for a pvc pipe project for your backyard because the structure of the goal can so easily be created from the popular piping and joints. Such a great way to have fun as a large family.

13. DIY PVC Pipe Periscope

For your Spy Kids to spy on the neighbors…. or watching movies from a different perspective via Instructables. This simple PVC project uses the larger pvc pipe size and just two elbow joints. Pretty easy DIY!

Toys to Make with PVC Pipes - pvc projects for outdoor movie theater screen and a pvc pipe sprinkler for kids

14. Backyard Movie Theater Screen Created with PVC Pipes

How cool is this large scale pvc pipe project to bring an outdoor movie theater courtesy of pvc pipes to your backyard By Dave Banks on Wired. I love this pvc project and think it would be something you could use for years to come for the entire family…or neighborhood to watch movies.

15. PVC Pipe Sprinkler Kid Wash

Let’s get soaking!! This pvc pipe project is good clean backyard fun for keeping the kids cool. and smiling via thesitsgirls! I think this is the first one we are going to try and build at home after a trip to the hardware store for supplies.

diy bike rack from Kids Activities Blog - pvc projects
Let’s make a bike rack from pvc pipes!

16. Make a PVC Pipe Bike Rack

This is another pvc pipe project we tackled here at Kids Activities Blog. It is a DIY bike rack which can be very helpful as those bikes pile up in the driveway or garage! It is a simple DIY that you can do even if you don’t have mad pvc skills and you can build it for as many bikes as you might need.

pvc project - make a bubble wand to make giant bubbles from Kids Activities Blog
Look how big the bubbles are with this pvc pipe bubble wand!

17. Giant PVC Pipe Bubble Wand

Make this big bubble wand from a pvc pipe and create huge bubbles with the giant bubble recipe…oh the popping fun you will have in your backyard with this pvc project!

Why We Love Easy Home PVC Pipes Projects

I love PVC projects, they’re so great for building cool things. Who knew that plastic pvc pipes could turn small spaces like your backyard into better homes by making it more kid-friendly?

The best part is, I can actually do each easy project. I’m not Martha Stewart, and I’m not good with tools of any kind whether they be actual tools or garden tools.

But each piece of pvc pipe is the perfect material for each diy tutorial. And it’s fairly budget-friendly.

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Which pvc project are you going to make first?

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