I have long loved mud masks, they are great at helping to keep my oily-prone skin under control. My girls have loved hanging out with me, giggling as my mask dries. They have been begging me for a spa day with Mommy, with our very own Kid-Safe Mud Mask. …but… their skin is so soft and delicate! Some mud masks sting a little bit, and we needed a face mask for them that was super gentle.  So we *made*  one.  Half the fun was mixing up our concoction! It was almost as much fun as painting each others faces!

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How to have a girls spa day 2

Kids Spa Day at Home

DIY Kids Face Mask Ingredients:

  • Deep Cleansing Mask – This mask was a clay mask and more hydrating than my other (aka favorite mud mask)
  • Skin Conditioning Aloe Gel – This ingredient helps water down the mask, and the aloe is both cooling and soothing for fresh skinned kiddos.
  • Lavender Essential Oil – Cause spa day has to smell lovely! Lavender is super gentle. One drop was more than enough to add a fun scent to our mix.
  • Wide Paint Brush – We used the brush to mix our ingredients up, and then to apply the mud to our faces.
kid safe mud masks

Time to start your Spa Party!

We mixed our ingredients up, 1/2 clay mask, 1/2 aloe gel. We had about a third of a cup when we were done. Add a single drop of lavender essential oil (the Unwind Lavender-Bergamot Blend is *amazing*). Test the mask on the skin on the inside of their arm, just above their wrists, to make sure that they do not have a reaction to the concoction, before slathering it all over each others faces. kid safe mud masksMost gentle mud mask for kids We had a BLAST having a mud mask party together! Be sure to bring your camera for selfies! more 

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