We love this quick recipe for lemonade bath salts.   After a long day at work, or even working around the house, you can take a few moments to put this mixture together while you fill up a nice warm bath for yourself or your kids. DIY Lemonade Bath Salts

DIY Lemonade Bath Salts

This post contains affiliate/distributor links that support Kids Activities Blog. We adore making bath salts…and it is so easy! What you’ll need to make lemonade bath salts: 

How to Make Your Own Lemonade Bath Salts

Directions: Put 1 Cup of the Epsom Salts into your bowl and add your essential oils on top of the salts and stir. As you mix these together you can add a few drops of the yellow dye to give it that perfect “lemonade” hue. This one even feels extra nice on your hands, if you choose to mix that way instead of with a spoon. When you are done mixing, draw yourself a bath and add your salt mixture to the warm water. The lemonade bath salts with help your muscles relax and invigorate your body as the lemon and Epsom salts work together. The magnesium in the salts will help relax tired muscles. You’ll love the combination in your bath! This is perfect to use yourself after a hard day, or give as a gift to that friend or family member that could use some extra relaxation! This recipe is great to use with your kids too. If you choose to use it as a gift, you can scoop the salt mixture into a pretty glass container and add a special bow to give it a pop of color. Looking for a different scent? You can switch up this recipe using any of your favorite essential oils to make a terrific bath! Don’t miss these homemade bubblegum bath salts! You have to try this homemade Coconut body butter! Let’s make this kid-safe mud mask.

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