We have so many great ice cube tray recipes. An ice cube tray is great for making miniature desserts, storing things like herbs or stock for easy use later on, and making unique ice cubes for cold drinks. Whether you are making treats for kids or prepping your cooking these ice cube tray recipes are great! Here are 20 easy treats and things you can do in an ice cube tray!

20 Things To Make In An Ice Cube Tray (Besides Ice)- ice cube tray recipes- ice cream bites, popsicles, frozen fruit, frozen coffee, ice cream bites- kids activities blog
Let’s start making these treats in an ice cube tray!

Easy kids Treats and Things To do In An Ice Cube Tray

Do you know how many awesome ideas you can do out of ice cube trays? There are so many fun foods and desserts that I’ve never seen before. I can’t believe it took me this long to realize just what all you can make in an ice cube tray. Go on!

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1. Ten Ice Cube Combinations

ice cube tray recipes- fun ice cube drink combos with fruit, sprinkles, and cookies- kids activities blog
Make any drink better with these flavorful ice cubes.

Discover these ten fun ice cube combos that go great in a glass of iced coffee. I love the idea of crushed Oreos in milk!

2. Ice Cream Cubes’ Recipe

Make these ice cream cubes’ recipe by Dryers to add to your next glass of milk. This would be a great summer sweet treat

3. Chocolate Ice Cube Tray Candies

Fill an ice cube tray with pomegranate seeds and cover with melted chocolate to make these amazing chocolate-covered ice cube tray candies via Chocolate Covered Katie!

4. Mashed Potato Bites

If your kids are always asking for mashed potatoes like mine then make a huge batch and save them. These mashed potato bites (unavailable) by One Busy WAHM will save in the freezer and you can pop them out and reheat them for a quick side dish.

5. Rice Krispy Treat Ice Tray Poppers

These rice krispy treat ice tray poppers by Smart School House are adorable and would be so fun for a kid’s party.

6. Frozen Yogurt Fruit Pops

Perfect for the warm months, these healthy frozen yogurt pops by Hello Wonderful are a kid’s favorite. via Hello Wonderful

20 Things To Make In An Ice Cube Tray (Besides Ice)- ice cube tray recipes- frozen herbs, granola, yogurt, chocolate covered fruit- kids activities blog
Can’t believe these treats can be made in the ice cube tray!

7. Fruit Ice Cubes

Pick your favorite berries to make fruit ice cubes by Pip and Ebby and add it to a glass of water if your kids aren’t fans of drinking a lot of water.

8. Hot Chocolate Sticks

Hot chocolate sticks by 30 Pounds of Apples is one of the coolest things ever to be made in an ice cube tray!

9. Frozen Peanut Butter Berry Pops

My kids would go crazy for this frozen peanut butter berry pops recipe by Super Healthy Kids!

10. Dress-Up Fruity Cubes

Chop a popsicle to have these fruity cubes by One Crazy House, go inside your drinks.

11. Granola Bar Poppers

These tiny granola bar poppers from Smart School House are a fun bite-sized kid snack.

ice cube tray recipes- green spinach cubes on a plate- kids activities blog
These spinach cubes are perfect for smoothies!

12. Spinach Veggie Cubes

Make these spinach veggie cubes from Roundy Stroudy. Pop these cubes into the blender quickly to make a smoothie!

13. Kale Cubes

Do the same with these kale cubes and coconut water by Begin With Nutrition.

14. White Chocolate Clusters

Ty these white chocolate clusters from Daily Appetite, next time you sign up to bring dessert!

15. Peanut Butter Cups

For a healthy version of peanut butter cups (unavailable) try this great recipe from Creative Simple Life.

16. Lego Yogurt Snack Cubes

These Lego yogurt snack cubes by Sugar Swings, are a new way to eat your daily yogurt.

20 Things To Make In An Ice Cube Tray (Besides Ice)- ice cube tray recipes- rice krispies- ice cream- yogurt melts- kids activities blog
Yummy and sweet!

17. Ice Cream Birthday Squares

Ice cream birthday squares from A Subtle Revelry are a fun and simple way to serve ice cream at a party. via A Subtle Revelry

18. Jello Jugglers

An ice cube tray actually makes the perfect mold for jello jugglers (unavailable) from Craftster!

19. Valentine Chocolates

Make the perfect  Valentine chocolates from Ebay! Just in time for the holiday.

20. Pupsicles Ice Cube Tray

Don’t leave your dog out! Make these popsicles (unavailable) by Life In Momma Tone in an ice cube tray now!

More easy and yummy kids treats to enjoy!

So which easy and yummy ice cube tray treat are you going to try out today with the kids? Let us know how it goes!

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