Have you been looking for some do-able  date night ideas for parents? When we become parents the whole “date night” idea sometimes seems to disappear completely! Between paying babysitters and simply finding the time to get out, for many couples a night out on the town can become anything but realistic.

Realistic date night ideas for parents

Today we have some fun date night ideas to help you rekindle the fun and romance with your partner, even with kids! These ideas are also budget friendly so there’s no excuse to keep you from working on your relationship even when you feel neck-deep in kid stuff! At Home Date Nights You don’t have to leave the house to have a date night! Spending intentional time focusing on  one another is what matters, far beyond where you happen to be. Home date nights solve the babysitter problem and they are also budget-friendly! A few of my favorite ideas for home dates are: Bake together – We all know dinner is a hectic time for most families, but after the kids are in bed whip up a fancy dessert to split over candle light. Living Room Camping – Build a fort and campout in the living room. There is nothing like remembering the good times of childhood to help you fall in love all over again! Go on a fake vacation – No really, this is one of our absolute favorite home dates! Choose an exotic location and plan a vacation for yourselves. Since you’ll be staying home the sky is the limit so you can out-do one another with extravagant hotels and adventurous excursions.  You can see more details on this fake vacation date night here. My husband raved about this one for months!   Play Board Games – We’ve compiled a list of our favorite two player board games here. They are challenging and much more fun than watching television, since you get to interact with one another throughout the whole game! Spa Night – Grab some sweet smelling oils and lotions and pamper one another! Swap massages or share a bath. Just Listen – One thing I’ve learned after having kids is that you don’t really have to be doing anything extraordinary to make the other person feel better. Sometimes all it takes is simply putting down your phone, logging off the computer and listening to what the other person has to say. Even when they are passionate about something that is not of particular interest to you. Time is love and listening is a great way to say “I love you”. For more home date night ideas check out – Beyond movie night 10 home date night ideas that don’t include the TV.
Stay-At-Home Date
Date nights don’t have to stop at home though! While it can be a challenge to get out of the house when you have kids, it can be possible if you take the time to plan carefully  and remain flexible.   Ideas to get your date out of the house Swap Sitting – Babysitting is expensive, which is why swapping can be a great solution. Find another couple with kids and offer to swap free babysitting once a month. Each couple gets to go out one week and babysit for the others another week. Everyone gets free sitting and a night out of the house. (More babysitting alternatives can be found here.) Go on walks – If you have a baby, walking can be a great way to reconnect. Being outdoors entertains the baby and gives you and your love time to talk uninterrupted, which is basically a miracle when you enter the world of infants! Speed date – Sometimes just a hour long ice cream run can make all the difference in a crazy week. You won’t have to pay the babysitter for long or worry about being called home with an emergency or to hush a screaming baby. Split meals – Money can be tight after kids come along, so split your meals on date nights! Drink only waters and you can probably squeeze out enough money to pay a sitter for watching the kids too. More date night on a dime ideas can be found here. So, what is keeping YOU from date night? Remember, it doesn’t have to be extravagant, just take the time this week to show your partner they still mean the world to you! For more ideas try one of these 50 fun and unique date nights!

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