Watching little kids blow out the candles on their birthday cakes is something we all enjoy. This video of a first time a child tries to blow out a candle is adorable and the parent solution is even better.

Boy can not blow out birthday candles video - Kids Activities Blog feature - boy in front of cake full of candles
You can do it!

Blowing Out birthday Candles

They’re so excited by the idea of cake, all that attention, the impending presents…overall, it’s just a great time.

But when this little boy tries to blow out his birthday candle things don’t go exactly as expected. It’s okay, though, ’cause his dad comes up with an absolutely genius solution!

Video: Little Boy Struggles To Blow Out Birthday Candles

I’m sure this is a birthday everyone’s going to remember, and I’m so glad they caught it on video for the world to see!

Happy birthday, baby!

Hope you have many more happy years to come.

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Did the funny video make you laugh? Did you have a similar situation when your kids were little?

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