Have you seen the Dear Kitten Videos?

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Oh sweet kitten!

Being the new kid is tough.

Doesn’t matter if it’s in school, or your first day at a new office, or just walking into an unfamiliar place without anyone to show you the ropes…it’s tough.

Luckily for this kitten, she has a friend looking out for her.

A more worldly, older cat who has been around, seen things, and knows exactly what to tell her about the world she’s stepping into and it’s other inhabitants…namely: the dog.

Dear Kitten:  Regarding the Dog [Video]

When I first brought my kittens home, my cat didn’t seem as keen to warn them about the dog(s). In fact, I think if my cat could have nudged them toward the dogs, she would have. Luckily, everyone gets along great, so we’re a-okay. And it looks like things are going to be fine for these guys, too.

Seriously, though, have you seen a cuter video, um, ever? I absolutely love these videos and if you haven’t seen the whole series yet…

Best Dear Kitten Videos to Watch

What would YOUR cat do?

Dear Kitten: Regarding the Big Game

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If you have a cat at home, you know all the shenanigans that ensue.  It can bring a smile to your face when it isn’t YOU who has to clean up the “after”:

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