Cool Watercolor Spider Webs Art Project for Kids

This simple art technique creates the prettiest watercolor spider web art. Kids of all ages will love creating spider webs either at home or in the classroom. Parents and teachers appreciate the simplicity of this easy art project for kids that is great for Halloween or any time spiders are being celebrated!

Grab a few simple supplies and let’s make watercolor spider webs together…

watercolor spider web art for kids - shown is a purple shaded water color spider web art project completed with spiders on top on black background
Let’s paint a spider web!

I have an overwhelming fear of spiders. During Halloween it’s worse because of how amazingly real some fake spiders actually look  look.

One thing I can do with them is make fun arts and crafts. So this Watercolor Spider Webs Craft. My son and I made this together. It’s easy, fun, and the spiders are totally fake so no screaming here!

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Watercolor Spider Web Art Project for Kids

I really loved how this spider art project turned out.

The art technique we use in this project ends up making your own homemade “glue” which means it can be a little messy. I suggest even covering your work area in newspaper so clean up is a breeze!

This art project is easy for younger kids to do and it’s inexpensive. I think it would certainly be a perfect arts and craft project for classrooms.

Supplies Needed


step one for spider web art project step one is to mix the homemade glue like mixture shown in a yellow bowl
Let’s mix up the glue mixture to paint spider webs!

Step 1

To make your glue mixture, mix together flour, sugar, vegetable oil, and water in a large bowl.

Stir well.

Note: If the mixture is too thick you can add a little more water to thin it out.

step 2 project spider web art is to use the mixture to paint spider webs
Use a paint brush to paint spider webs!

Step 2

It is now time for the kids to paint spider webs onto the white paper using the homemade glue mixture you just made. Allow to dry for several hours (overnight works best).

step 3 is to paint with watercolor over the dried spider web
Cover the spider webs with watercolor paint!

Step 3

Once the glue is dried, it’s time to paint the entire picture using watercolors. Make sure to paint over the dried glue entirely so the webs will appear.

Allow to dry.

step 4 add spiders to your dried web art
Add spiders to the watercolor web artwork.

Step 4

Once everything is completely dry, it’s time to add the spider stickers.

Hang up your spider web art made from watercolor paint - one shown with purple and the other is blue.
Let’s hang up our finished spider web paintings!

Step 5

Hang up and show off your creepy spider web craft!


How did your watercolor spider webs artwork turn out?