Make an easy spider web drawing, and then turn it into really cool watercolor spider web art to hang using glue and watercolor paint. This simple art technique creates the prettiest watercolor spider web art. Kids of all ages will love creating spider webs artwork either at home or in the classroom. Parents and teachers appreciate the simplicity of this easy art project for kids that is great for Halloween or any time spiders are being celebrated! Grab a few simple supplies and let’s make watercolor spider webs together…

3 finished Spider web art made with glue and watercolor paint on a white background surrounded by art supplies - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make an easy spider web drawing and paint it with watercolors.

Watercolor Spider Web Art Project for Kids

I really loved how this spider art project turned out. With the combination of glue and watercolor paints, this craft can be a little messy. I suggest covering your work area in newspaper or craft paper so clean up is a breeze!

This art project is easy for younger kids to do and it’s inexpensive. I bet you have lots of plastic spiders or spider stickers from Halloween last year. I think it would undoubtedly be the perfect art and craft project for classrooms too.

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How to Make a Spider WEb Painting

We used three different types of glue for our project to see which would work the best. We’ll show you the results below, and share how you can make your own glue at home to make yet another version of this fun art project.

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Supplies needed to make spider web art

Gather paper, glue, a pencil, and watercolor paints to make spider web art.
You will need paper, glue, and watercolor paints to make our spider web craft.

Directions for making spider web art

Step 1

Step 1 for making spider web art is to make an easy spider web drawing on a piece of paper.
Make this easy spider web drawing on a piece of paper.

This first step for making our spider web art is to make an easy spider web drawing:

  1. Start by putting a dot on your paper.
  2. Draw lines to the edges of the page.
  3. Join the lines together by drawing small arcs between each line.

We drew our spider webs in three different positions on the page so you can see that there’s really no wrong way to draw your spider web.

Step 2

Step to for making spider web art is to trace over your sketched spider web with glue.
Trace over your spider web drawing with glue.

Using glue, trace over your drawn spider web lines. As you can see we used glitter glue on one, white glue on another, and clear glue on the last spider web. Set these aside to dry, you might need to leave them overnight. My favorite is the glitter glue spider web.

Spider web craft tip:  We found that the glue began to bead, so using a paint brush, we brushed it over each of the lines.

Step 3

Step 3 for making spider web art is to paint the glue spider webs with watercolor paints.
When your glue spider webs are dry, paint over them with watercolor paints.

Once the glue is dried, it’s time to paint the entire picture using watercolors. Make sure to paint over the dried glue entirely so the webs will appear.

We used a few shades of each color to paint our spider webs beginning with the lightest shade, and ending with the darkest at the edge of the page.

Step 4

Step 4 to making spider web art is to draw spiders onto your spider web, or glue plastic spiders onto it.
Either draw spiders, or glue spiders onto your spider web craft.

Once everything is completely dry, it’s time to add spiders to the spider webs. You can do this with stickers, by gluing plastic spiders on, or by drawing spiders using a marker.

Our finished spider web art

Web Art- 3 canvases with blue, red, and purple with spider webs on them next to a paint palette and plastic spiders
Let’s hang up our finished spider web paintings!

Hang up and show off your not-so creepy spider web craft!

Check out another version of this watercolor Halloween craft that we made for the Imperial Sugar website. We show you how to make homemade glue instead of school glue.

Yield: 1

Watercolor Spider Web Art

watercolor spider web art

Make really cool spider web art using glue and watercolor paint.

Prep Time 10 minutes
Active Time 30 minutes
Additional Time 4 hours
Total Time 4 hours 40 minutes
Difficulty easy
Estimated Cost $0


  • Paper
  • Watercolor paint
  • Pencil
  • Glue
  • Plastic spiders or a marker


  • Paintbrushes


  1. Draw a spider web on a piece of paper.
  2. Trace over the spider web with glue, and then use a brush to smooth the glue over the lines if it begins to bead. Set the glue aside to dry completely.
  3. Once the glue is dry, use watercolor paints to paint over your spider webs. Again, set your art aside to dry.
  4. Either glue plastic spiders, attach spider stickers, or draw spiders onto your spider web art.


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How did your watercolor spider webs art turn out?

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