Daughter Tries To Embarrass Mom By Filming Her Dancing, Only To Have Dad Join In, Too

Let’s admit, we’re all getting embarrassed by our parents’ behavior every once in a while. But this young lady decided to capture her parents going nuts in their driveway! This is what she deals with, and she wants everybody to know! Her parents put on quite a show as mom starts dancing to Uptown Funk, while dad hesitates a bit, but just seconds later, decides to join the party! You just have to see the moves these two are pulling off. It’s beyond hilarious! Couples like this are always a pleasure to watch, and even though their daughter is a bit embarrassed, we believe it’s cool to have parents that know how to party like rock stars, and aren’t ashamed to show it to the rest of the world… or neighbors! Take a look!

Seriously, though, the best part of being a parent is those occasions where we can truly and thoroughly embarrass our kids – and have fun doing it. These parents took that to the next level with their dancing, and if their daughter’s goal was to shame them into behaving all I can say is it backfired – in a spectacular way!

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