I love to cook, and spend tons of time in the kitchen. That’s why I love looking around for cooking hacks. Anything to make my kitchen time go faster or easier is an A+ in my book. Still, I’ve never seen tomatoes cut quite like this.
How to Easily Cut Cherry Tomatoes Video - Kids Activities Blog
I didn’t even know I didn’t know!

How to Cut Cherry Tomatoes

The funny thing is I thought I knew how to cut tomatoes. And then I saw this video tutorial… It’s mind-blowing that I didn’t know about this sooner!

Easiest Way to Cut Tomatoes Video

Can you believe how fast that was!?! That was, like, total kitchen-ninja skills. I’m truly impressed!

Plate Method for Cutting Tomatoes

  1. Place one layer of small tomatoes on a plate.
  2. Turn a second plate upside down on top of the layer of tomatoes.
  3. Make sure the plates are not slipping.
  4. Take a sharp knife and carefully slice between the plates while holding the top plate.
  5. Open carefully to freshly cut tomatoes!

More Food Cutting Hacks

Do you have any amazing food cutting hacks that you want to share with the world?? Tell us about them in the comments below… Want to see more kitchen ninja tricks?

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