20 Kitchen Tips for Foodies

Looking for a cooking tip? Look no farther! Make cooking, fast, easy, fun AND healthy with these kitchen tips for foodies.  

We have snack hacks and tips that make preparing in-between meals easier – and the time we used orange peels as cupcake liners was just genius!  Here are our “real food” tips. (This post includes affiliate links!)

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Kitchen Tips for Foodies

This mom tip is genius. Freeze grapes. They taste like ice-cream for a fun healthy snack your kids will love – AND if you use them as ice cubes, they won’t water down your juice or wine! via One Crazy House

Do you use nut flours? We are exploring with a number of paleo-recipes and love this kitchen trick. Store nut and seed flours in the freezer to keep them fresh for up to a year! via Empowered Sustenance 

I hate having to try and cut those tiny little grape tomatoes one by one, fortunately, I found this hack. Place your fruit on a plate, cover with another plate and cut between the plates. This time saving kitchen tip also works with grapes, strawberries, and more. via Food52

Who knew peeling eggs could be this easy! Peel them quickly using a spoon. via This Grandma is Fun

Cutting butter into a recipe takes forever. Instead use a grater. Why did I never think of doing this before? Grating butter into a recipe makes cooking so much easier than cutting it in! via Olga’s Flavor Factory

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Easy Kitchen Tips

Who knew? Here is a kitchen tip – You can keep asparagus fresh by storing it in a mason jar with water. via Urban Strawberries

Keep fish from sticking to the grill. This food hack will rescue your fish from the coals! Lay slices of lemon down on the grill first to add flavor, and keep the fish from sticking! via The Mother Huddle

So, I found out that I can make bread in my crock pot. What is this magic? I have always wanted to make my own bread, but never had the time to devote to it… Until now! via Kitchn

No more shredding chicken with a fork. This time saving cooking tip will give you half an hour of time back! Use your stand mixer to shred chicken in seconds! via Blue Cricket 

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More Kitchen Tips for Foodies

Your salad greens will last SO much longer with this food hack! Vacuum seal lettuce in a mason jar to keep it fresh and ready to make into a salad. via Salad in a Jar 

Want a cake? But only a serving or two? You can make this chocolate two minute cake in a mug. Tasty! via Kids Activities Blog 

Make your own frozen yogurt pop with this kid food tip by putting Popsicle sticks into the tops of your yogurt cups and freezing for a healthy mid-afternoon snack. via One Good Thing by Jillee

How to use a knife to cut an orange, the right way,”with *no* white”.  Your kids will thank you! via Kids Activities Blog

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Keep bugs out of your drink during the next picnic you are enjoying with your kiddos. Poke a hole through a cupcake liner and use it with a straw. Your drink will be bugless. More hacks and genius ideas are on this site. via One Crazy House

Re-use – don’t throw it out with this fun freezer tip. Use a peanut butter jar lid on a canning jar. It fits perfectly and won’t rust in the freezer. via This Simple Home

Pour spouts are SO handy! Create your own pour spout for a mason jar with this kitchen hack using the top of a salt container. via Put it in a Jar

kitchen cooking hacks 1Even More Kitchen Tips for Foodies

Plastic wrap – so versatile! Use the Glad Press’n Seal as an emergency sippy cup. Just poke a hole through for a straw. This is great for big kids when traveling too! via Glad

Keep your bananas fresh longer with this genius kitchen tip – so easy! Just separate each piece of fruit, and wrap the ends in plastic wrap. via One Crazy House

No more stale, dry cake with this baking trick. Use slices of bread to save your cake from drying out when storing it! via Created by Diane

Parmesan cheese lids fit mason jars! You can make a massive “sprinkle” jar! via Lifehacker

Transport food more easily with a muffin tin tip and a dollar store bin. They fit perfectly and are great for an impromptu drink carrier. via One Crazy House

Don’t buy baby foods? Mash them! This is a list of over 30 mashable baby foods that your tot can eat – all you need is a fork to prepare them. via One Crazy House

20 Ways to Save Time in the Kitchen - Kids Activities Blog

More Kitchen Tips and Tricks

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