I Thought Classical Music Was Supposed To Be Boring…[Video]

The world of classical music and string instruments has a bad reputation for being, well, a snoozefest.

But, apparently, these  musicians never got that memo.

Classical Music Does not have to be boring video - Kids activities blog

When the first one comes out, I’m prepared to relax into the music, but by the time the fourth one appears, it’s pretty obvious this isn’t my grandparents’ classical!

How those musicians kept everything straight and played all that with a straight face is beyond me! Are you as impressed as I am?

Want to see more orchestra musicians gone wild?

Competitive Piano, Cello, and Violin

These three musicians are crazy competitive, and I love them even more for that!

Dueling Cellos

These cellists rock out, and I’m completely Thunderstruck!



Which song was your favorite?