This keyboard mat is so great for kids! Honestly, I don’t know who needs the keyboard mat more, my kids or myself. But seriously, kids of all ages will love this keyboard mat like toddlers, preschoolers, even kindergarten kids as they stomp out some songs! These keyboard mats are great whether you’re at home or at nursery school!

Piano keyboard mats for kids - Kids Activities Blog - two kids playing on a big black and white piano keyboard on the floor
Grab a partner to play a piano keyboard duet!

Keyboard Mat

Ever since the movie BIG, the idea of a gigantic keyboard that you play by dancing has been something that I needed in my life. These keyboard mats are not only large piano floor mats, but they have cool built-in features just in case you don’t know how to play the piano already!

You can’t help tapping your feet along to the iconic scene from the movie, Big!

Video: Big Movie Keyboard Mat Dance Scene

Big Floor Piano Mat ideas for Kids

We have done some research into the wide dancing world of keyboard floor mats for kids and found some really cool piano playmats that we love.

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Keyboard mat-  Kidzlane floor piano mat for kids - image from Amazon
This piano mat has a bunch of song cards so you can learn songs easily!

1. Kidzlane Floor Piano Mat

This newly released kids piano mat lets you skip and hop on the colorful keys to make music. It has 6 feet of touch-sensitive keys and a selection of 8 instrument sounds to choose from.

This piano play mat also has built-in songs with a record & playback function. The durable padded material is made of high quality toxin-free material that is easy to wipe down to clean.

Keyboard mat-  Sunlin Giant Floor Piano Mat for Kids - image from Amazon
This fun giant floor piano lets you dance while you play the piano!

2. Sunlin Giant Floor Piano Mat

The Sunlin giant rainbow keyboard mat is great for kids of all ages. It is durable and slip resistant made of premium quality, toxin-free material that is softly padded and easy to wipe clean. It has 4 play modes for the musical mat including:

  • record
  • playback
  • demo
  • play

The piano mat size is 71×29 inches and easily rolls up for storage or to be taken to another location.

Keyboard mat-  M Sanmersen Piano Keyboard Mat for kids shown with child - image from Amazon
This keyboard play mat can add a microphone so the performer can play, sing and dance.

3. M Sanmersen Piano Keyboard Mat

I like this piano mat because it looks more traditional and works great for both kids and adults. It measures 71×38 inches and has 24 keys with 10 demos, 8 instrument sounds, adjustable volume, record and playback. It was designed with a BIG size!

This keyboard mat can be connected to a microphone so performers can sing and play at the same time.

More Keyboard Mats for Kids & Older

Oh there are so many options! There are some options that will work better for younger kids because they are smaller. Remember that bigger isn’t always better because your feet have to reach to the different notes you want to play! And there are some musical play mats that emphasize learning or other skills.

Check out other keyboard play mats here.

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Which of the floor piano keyboard mats were your favorite? Do you already have one at home?

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