Do your kids LOVE ice-cream popsicles? I know mine really enjoy their frozen treats, and as the temperatures are rising and the ice cream truck is making the rounds in the neighborhoods, it is great to have an easy and quick option – DIY Yogurt Pops. These pops take mere seconds to prepare, a couple of hours to freeze, and are super tasty for kids to enjoy. Related: If the kids can’t seem to get enough yogurt, make these Yogurt Banana Popsicles! yogurt pops

DIY Yogurt Pops

We used the brand Danimals Yogurt, mostly because I love the size – perfect for pops – and it is a sweetened yogurt. Typically we use the plain yogurt and add fruit, but as this is a special treat, we splurge. It still has less sugar than regular ice-cream and is chock-full of all those good probiotics to help little bellies develop!

How to Make Yogurt Pops

Cut wood craft sticks in half. With a knife, gently poke a hole into the top of the yogurt containers. Stick the stick into the hole. The wrapper will help keep your stick upright. Freeze before eating. yogurt pops Want to make the pops especially festive? Try rolling them in shredded coconut or chopped dried cherries, coco powder, or even sprinkles after they have frozen. They will look and taste FUN. Enjoy!

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