Check out these fun medieval crafts! Learn about the middle ages for kids with these fun crafts. These medieval crafts are great for kids of all ages. Try out these medieval activities and crafts at home or in the classroom.

This list of over 27 Medieval Activities for Kids is sure to make your learning adventures fun!
Make castles, pretend to be a knight, learn about the Romans, Greeks, and Knights with these fun crafts and activities.

Medieval Crafts For Kids

The Medieval time period is  a fascinating part of history!  Everything from togas, swords, and knights, to fun catapults, and adventurous books help children relive and learn all about the Ancient Rome and Greek eras.

The Medieval time period is such vast unit of study. This list of over 27 Medieval Activities for Kids is sure to make your learning adventures fun!

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Medieval Activities for Kids

1. Medieval Times Activities For The Family

Medieval crafts- Medieval time with kid and adult outside in the sun- kids activities blog
Medieval times is a great way to experience medieval times during our modern time period.

Experience a “hands on” Medieval experience with Dining Like Royalty at Medieval Times– Kids Activities Blog

2. Medieval Counting Activities

Expand your homeschool math Using Roll and Count Medieval Questions– 3 Dinosaurs

3. Medieval Sensory Bin Activity

Medieval crafts- Medieval sensory bin with castle toys and led candle- kids activities blog
This medieval sensory bin is great for toddlers and preschoolers.

Allow your little ones to experience the fun with this Medieval Sensory Bin– And Next Comes L

4. DIY Knight and Shield Pretend Play Activities

Incorporate some dress up play into your lesson plan with DIY Knight Shield for Pretend Play– The Educator’s Spin On It

5. Fun Medieval Math and History Activities

A fun math activity and history all in one with Learning About Roman Numerals– Math Is Fun

6. Discover Even More Medieval Information

Medieval crafts- Medieval cathedral against a blue sky- kids activities blog
There are so many great Medieval facts!

Discover tons of medieval information through Ancient Rome: Togas and More– Ducksters

7. Medieval Feast For The Whole Family

Get the whole family involved by  Celebrating the Ancient Greek With a Feast– Kids Activities Blog

8. Learn About The Olympics

Discover the history of Olympics with Greek Olympics  Lesson Ideas for Kids– Teach Beside Me

9. Learn About Medieval Myths

Learning About Greek Mythology is yet another way to uncover medieval myths- EDventures with Kids

Medieval crafts and activities for kids- medieval books, crafts, and printables Text: Medieval activities for kids- the roman empire for kids
There are so many great Medieval activities for kids!

Medieval Printables, Apps, and Activities

10. Free Printable Medieval Activities For Kindergarteners and First Graders

Explore all about this fun ancient time period with this  FREE Medieval Kinder and First Grade Pack– Royal Baloo

11. Learn About Knights With These Knight Activities

medieval crafts- knights activities for kids- kids activities blog
There are so many knight activities to do!

Use this insightful Knights Unit Study to learn all about knights- Every Star is Different

12. Medieval ABC Activities

Use the alphabet in this Medieval ABC Booklet– Royal Baloo

13. Explore The Medieval Period

Explore all about the medieval period using these facts about Ancient Greeks– Adventures in Mommydom

14. Medieval Facts Printable Activity

Medieval crafts- medieval printable facts about Roman History- kids activities blog
Learn about the Romans with these printable medieval facts.

Roman History Printables allow your child to discover medieval facts individually-  Are We There Yet?

15. Quick Printable Medieval Printable Activities

Need a quick printable? Get this Educational Freebie: Ancient Rome Lapbook– Motherhood on a Dime

16. Free Medieval Apps

Do your kids use a tablet or IPad? Try this FREE Ancient Greece Kids Discover App– IGame Mom

Medieval Crafts

Medieval crafts- hands on- Text: medieval activities for kids- princess crown, Greek toga, books, and printables
Try these hands-on learning Medieval activities.

17. Build A Medieval Castle Craft

Why not allow your kids to Build a Medieval Castle– Nurture Store

18. Homemade Medieval Princess Hat Craft

Every little girls needs their own Homemade Medieval Princess Hat Tutorial– Childhood 101

19. Toilet Paper Roll Medieval Castle Craft

Medieval crafts- toilet paper roll castle craft that is pink and purple- kids activities blog
Make your very own Medieval castle!

Another fun way to build a medieval castle with Toilet Paper Roll Castles– Crafty Morning

20. Medieval Castle, Catapults, and Shield Crafts

All kinds of hands on learning fun with Castles, Catapults, and a FREE Shield– Happy and Blessed Home

21. DIY Knight Shield Craft

Let your kids create their own Knight’s Shield Craft– No Time For Flashcards

22. Colorful Gelatin Castle Craft

Medieval crafts- colorful red and purple gelatin castle on light background- kids activities blog
Jell-O…medieval castle… best treat ever!

Hands on fun with this Sensory Art Play: Colorful Gelatin Castles– Joys of Jell-O

23. PVC Pipe Medieval Sword Craft

What boy wouldn’t enjoy learning how to Make Your Own PVC Pipe Swords– Frugal Fun For Boys

24. Easy and Fun Medieval Catapult Craft

Easy and Fun Catapults for Kids to Make  will make the medieval learning experience super fun! – Kids Activities Blog

25. Build A Medieval Catapult Craft

Build a Catapult  with these easy materials and your kids will love it!  – Therapy Fun Zone

Medieval Reading Activities for Kids

Medieval crafts- castle on a hill with trees- kids activities blog
Let’s read more about the medieval time period.

Yes, we love crafts and games and printables (OH MY! LOL!)  But, what about some quiet time reading?  No Unit is complete without some read aloud and independent reading books.  Here are a few picks just for you.

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26. Books About Ancient Greece

Utilize these Books About Ancient Greece into your unit study.

27. Books About The Roman Empire

Have some reading time with these Books About The Roman Empire.

28. Books About Medieval Knights

Explore all about knights with these Books About Knights.

More Fun Medieval Pretend Play Crafts and Activities From Kids Activities Blog

Which medieval crafts are you going to try out?

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