Dining Like Royalty At Medieval Times

We went to an awesome dinner theater performance at the Medieval Times castle in Dallas.   We’ve seen the giant castle a hundred times as we’ve driven past in on I-35.   We’ve just never bothered to actually check it out.   Fortunately, Nicholas’ uncle came to town and wanted to take Nicholas somewhere new and exciting.   Nicholas was thrilled when talk of Medieval Times came up.   He couldn’t stand the wait and he has been asking for days now, “When are we going to Medieval Times?”   and “Are we going to Medieval Times tonight?”

There is such a realistic feel to the castle that it is easy to feel like you’ve been transported back in time.   This is the area where we were waiting to enter the arena.

The setting is an authentic looking 11th century castle. The add to the ambiance you must eat your four course meal as they would have back in medieval times – with your hands and no utensils! The show involves a prince that is kidnapped and lots of jousting and sword fighting takes center stage.

The horse has all four feet off the ground as he’s kicking!

We were seated in the yellow section so we were cheering for the yellow knight. He looks pretty tough!

Check out the sparks from these swords!

But alas, the yellow knight fell to his doom at the hands of the green knight.   So our guy didn’t win the battle but we had an awesome time at the show!

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  1. We have always wanted to go. My boys look at that castle on the side of the freeway as the major landmark on the way to Dallas! The whole way there is it is…when are we going to see the castle. We will have to go try it out.

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