Did you battle bedtime fears as a kid?

I sure did.  In fact, I was really tough at  bedtime.  And, my own kids haven’t been any different.  We’ve struggled with it all: not enough light in their room, too much light, bad dreams, monster fears, and refusing to fall asleep at all.

But, the hardest thing has been handling my daughter’s incredible  imagination.  She has very vivid dreams and an all-too-real imagination which has  led to some bad nightmares and really intense bedtime fears…

bedtime-fearsSince my daughter has such intense bedtime fears, we’ve tried to come up with some fun and unique ways to empower her  at bedtime.

From diy night lights to monster spray, this list has some great options for the kids who have a BIG imagination!

Ways to Help Kids Battle  Bedtime Fears

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Is your little one afraid of monsters? Grab a spray bottle and fill it with “monster spray” for your little one to use. – from Happy Hooligans

Go to the store and buy super hero pajamas (or whatever your child  loves) for your little one  to wear to bed.  Remind them that those pajamas will make them super brave!  Or, better yet, make your own superhero cuff  to wear before bedtime.

Let kids build a trap for “all things scary” before they go to bed.  Use tape, make signs, build catapults, or any other trap kids can come up with  – let kids create and have fun!

Make  monster swatters  for kids to have on their bedside table – just in case they get scared in the middle of the night – from Happy Hooligans

Give them something that made YOU feel safe.  My daughter loves snuggling with the bear that I had when I grew  up.

Make some “helper” monsters to protect their room at night – here’s tons of fun monster activities.

If kids need a little light, make your own family photo nightlight. Kids will love falling asleep to a picture of you. –  from Happily Ever Mom

Do the monster stomp to make sure monsters won’t come around again. – Growing a Jeweled Rose


Find a new way to count the stars with this  glowing bedtime bottle.  I think I need  one too.

Make your own monster apples  and talk about  what your child thinks a monster looks like (psst…this may give you clues about what they think a monster really is – does the monster resemble something in their room, something on tv, or…?).

Turn it into a monster party and invite all of the monsters to come (and to leave!) when the party is over.

Tell them a sweet bedtime story about how they’re teddy bear actually works all night long to protect them. – from Here Come the Girls

Start this new bedtime routine to help keep kids thoughts away from the things they fear.

And, don’t forget to  make bedtime massage oil to help them relax, too.

When in doubt, grab some lavender oil and rub it on their feet.  The smell not only calms, but can help them rest and  give them a  chance to focus on something besides their bedtime fears.

What would you add to the list?

Come let us know on our Facebook page – we’d love to hear from you!

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