We are so excited to share with you this DIY massage oil to help you and your kiddos get better sleep – with this essential oil blend, you’ll be sleeping like a baby! Bedtime is stressful for children. There are many reasons for it. One of them is that after a long day they are just simply too tired, they have tired muscles tense, and they feel overwhelmed with the day. After all, they are learning a lot of things during the day, they actively explore their surroundings and they are very alert with their emotions every single minute. You have to agree, it is tiring and stressful. It was almost a year ago when I discovered bedtime massage and I started making my own homemade massage oil for bedtime. I also discovered you don’t need professional massages to feel relaxed – home massages can be just as good and a perfect way to relax your sore muscles while helping you sleep better. Yay! Bedtime became one of my favorite parts of the day. And YES – I have a toddler and a 6-year old.
Image shows an essential oil blend with a carrier oil for making a massage oil for kids, next to sewed plushie. Text says "calming bedtime massage oil" from Kids Activities Blog.
This bedtime massage oil will help your little one have better sleep.

Benefits of massage for kids

This post contains affiliate links that support Kids Activities Blog. Massage stimulates cognitive development. Research shows that after a 15-minute massage preschoolers did better on an IQ test. It actually improves function in the brain, increases alertness and speed (together with accuracy) when solving math problems. Not only that, but massage also reduces stress hormone levels as well as blood glucose levels, and improves blood flow. It means that not only your child will feel better (less anxiety), it will also help to have a healthier immune system. That’s why bedtime massage is so great for children – it creates a huge relaxing effect. A nightly bedtime massage with a combination of drops of essential oil is a great way to bond with children. I love that different kind of communication with my kids that happens during a massage. I can just see how within the first few minutes they relax, de-stress, and release their emotions much easier. It’s an excellent choice for good quality time.

What is the best essential oil blend for massages?

If you’re looking for massage oil recipes, you’re in the perfect place. We love using our own massage oil to add extra benefits. Essential oils are a great way to improve the feeling of dry skin and combined with a good massage, you’ll have the best recipe to ease tight muscles. My favorite oil is lavender oil as it has a tranquil aroma that is soothing to the senses, mixed with frankincense – frankincense is often used for grounding and relaxation. It’s a great choice for people who are just getting started with essential oil recipes and makes for a good massage oil base. These are other natural oils you can try to make your own blend for massages:
  • Ylang ylang essential oil – known for its calming and balancing aroma for a smooth and happy heart.
  • Geranium helps improve circulation, soothe and stimulate the nervous system, and relax body tissue. It also helps improve skin tone and texture.
  • Coriander helps promote a healthy circulatory system and has a relaxing effect too.
  • Bergamot helps reduce feelings of stress and soothes the skin at the same time.
  • Black Pepper essential oil has a spicy, energizing aroma and has a warming, anti-inflammatory properties. It is used to help reduce joint and muscle pains.
These essential oils are all great options – so why not experiment with them to find out the one you like best? Image shows a happy kid on a bed next to a bottle of homemade massage oil, laying on top of a striped purple blanket. Text reads "homemade massage oil for bedtime" from Kids Activities Blog. Continue reading for the best bedtime massage oil for kids.

Homemade massage oil for bedtime

It’s super simple to make your own ‘baby oil’. There are two main ingredients: carrier oil and essential oil. Carrier oils you can use:
  • olive oil
  • jojoba oil
  • coconut oil
  • Shea butter
  • sweet almond oil
Essential Oils I love to use for massage oils:   It’s important to dilute the essential oils to make sure they won’t irritate your child’s sensitive skin. For children under 12, it’s 1%. Here is a chart for you to use when diluting the essential oil with carrier oils.
Image shows an essential oil dilution chart for kids, explaining the carrier and number of drops that need to be used. From Kids Activties Blog.
This Essential Oil Dilution Chart is a good place to start.
For example, I made a massage oil in a bigger glass bottle where I put 100 ml of olive oil and had to put 20 drops of lavender essential oil.
Collage of how to use this homemade essential oil blend for feet, hands, and back.
Use this blend of essential oils on feet, hands, and back.
I hope you get to make your own homemade baby massage oil and start a life-changing bedtime routine for your children. Trust me, it’s one of the best things you can do to ensure a healthier future for your children.


Did you try our homemade massage oil for bedtime?

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