25 Extreme Tree Houses for Kids

I adore treehouses for kids.

It might be because my dad built an extreme tree house in his backyard for the grandkids.  Each and every detail of the two-story masterpiece has been enjoyed over the years and grandma & grandpa’s house wouldn’t be the same without it!

25 Extreme Kids Tree Houses

Tree Houses for Kids

Red Tree House – This traditional tree house is perched on top of a group of trunks for a level and lovely play structure.  Photo from   ©iStock.com/Ekely.

Tree house with spiral slide – This is super magical with its green and purple paint.  But the escape route is my favorite part.

True Tree House – OK, so I admit that a TRUE tree house is completely supported by the tree.  This one makes the cut!

Tree house with swings underneath – I adore this lovely play place from our friend over at Living Locurto.  I just want to swing on that “under” porch swing all day!

Tree House with a Round View – This gorgeous treetop house has a round window and was made for a special boy.

25 Treehouses For Kids

Homemade Treehouse Home – The homemade-ness of this is modern and fun.  I would love to be playing here!  Photo from   ©iStock.com/patrickheagney.

Backyard Tree houses - Kids Activities Blog


Backyard Treehouses

Garden Treehouse – I love this green tree house that is just tucked away in the edge of an amazing (award-winning) garden.  Doesn’t it just feel very Secret Garden to you?

Tree Cottage – I love this little cottage nestled in between 3 trees.  It just seems like a story book waiting to happen.

Four Trunk Fort – This fort-like tree house is perched high in 4 trunks.  Seems like the best backyard fort, ever!  Photo courtesy of   ©iStock.com/fotolinchen.

extreme tree house - Kids Activities Blog

Perfect Farm Tree House – Doesn’t this look like the best place to spend a summer afternoon?  I adore this one from   ©iStock.com/RonyZmiri.

Extreme Tree Houses - three level and wicker


Treehouses for Kids

 A Wicker Tree House?  This treehouse is a complete work of art.

Enchanted Tree House – Three levels and a winding staircase…I want to move in.

Whimsical Home in the Tree – This is just precious.  I love the color combination and the multiple porches for a good lookout place from   ©iStock.com/fotolinchen.

Red Roof Tree House - Kids Activities Blog

Red Roof Tree House – This is the sweetest backyard hideaway.  What a fun place to play house from   ©iStock.com/Kolupaev.

Playhouse Treehouse - Kids Activities Blog

Playhouse Treehouse – I love this one.  It is such a cute playhouse and then the bonus part is that it is up in the tree.  From   ©iStock.com/Cebas.

Two story tree house - Kids Activities Blog

Two-story Treehouse – This one looks large enough for the family to move into!  All sorts of fun inside courtesy of   ©iStock.com/Missisya.

Two Door Treehouse - Kids Activities Blog

Next Door Treehouse – This high forest hideaway looks like it could be a duplex!  What fun to have a neighbor in the trees.  This photo is from   ©iStock.com/Foxtrot101.

Rope Bridge Tree House - Kids Activities Blog

Rope Bridge Fort – This treehouse is so fun!  It has a rope bridge entry.  Now that is pretty cool stuff from   ©iStock.com/CampPhoto.

Tree Houses in the Forest - Kids Activities Blog


Tree House Tours

Forest Perch – This simple platform amid the trees seems like the absolute best place for a secret picnic.

Bucket Tree House – We agree with this tree house…every tree house should have a pulley bucket!

House made of Trees – This is more of a tower, but I loved how it was nestled in the forest from   ©iStock.com/djordjenikolic.

Unique Tree Houses - Kids Activities Blog


Tree Houses Around the World

The Tea House    – This tree house was designed specifically for tea.  I can’t think of a lovelier place for a party.

A-Frame Treehouse – I adore this one because it reminds me of the A-Frame vacation home we used to go to when I was a kid.  Picture from   ©iStock.com/architta.

Modern Treehouse – This might just be where I want to live.

25 Tree Houses We Adore

Indoor Tree House – And just when we thought the tree house had to be outside, check out this amazing indoor wonder!

Tree House Tour

And don’t forget to take our Extreme Tree House Tour!

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  1. I liked the whimsical home in the tree the most. looks safe for climbing too.and lovely colour combo.

  2. Wow! what a amazing tree houses idea! its truly amazing. I just glad to see it. Must say kids love it and it will bill built a memorable childhood for kids.

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