75+ Fun Lego Ideas

We are crazy over all these Lego ideas!  I’ve got container after container full of Lego’s at my house that my kids could be using in so many fun ways.

I had no idea all of the ways we could put our Lego’s to work besides just building.  Here is our huge collection of awesome things you can do with your Lego’s.

75 Amazing LEGO Ideas for Kids

75+ Fun Lego Ideas

Lego Soap – Get your kids excited about washing their hands by making a Lego soap dispensor.

Lego Pocket Case – Take your Lego’s on the go and keep your kids engaged and occupied in the car or anywhere else they get a little bored.

Minifigs Bed – Use this free printable to create tiny beds for your minifigs to sleep in.  How adorable!

Board Game – This free printable board game lets your kids play and trade Lego’s with others.  From A Mom With A Lesson Plan.

Desk Organizer – Build your Lego’s into a colorful kids desk organizer to hold all their crayons and markers.

Tic Tac Toe Board – Play a game of tic-tac-toe by building a board with your Lego’s.

Lego Maze – Let your kids design a Lego maze they can navigate a tiny pom pom through by blowing with a straw.  From Science Sparks.

Lego Rainbow -This Lego rainbow is fun to build and helps teach kids about the colors of the rainbow.

Color Matching – Even the youngest ones can play with Lego’s!  Use this fun idea to help kids match colors.  From Laughing Kids Learn.

Catapult – Use Lego’s to build a working catapult!  Your kids will love this.

Here  are the rest of the Lego ideas.  You can even add your own!   By linking up, you give other blogs permission to link back to your site and use one photo in a roundup post.   Family friendly links only, please.

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