Parenthood can be hard “we’ve all had days we wish we could do over. But, whether you’re a stay-at-home, work-at-home mom or a 9-5 working dad, we’ve got over 100 helpful tips and 20 ways for you to rock it. 20 Ways to Rock Parenthood

20 Ways to Rock Parenthood

Teach your kids to be honest with these brilliant ideas. Don’t stress out if you have a little one who won’t stop screaming. Read, save, and remember these ten tips on how to soothe them. Is it crazy hour at your house all day, every day? Implement these tips for coping with chaos. Keep yourself and your kiddos healthy with these health hacks for moms. (BONUS: Find out our secret weapon for all things health-related.) Potty train your kids in 3 days using this short and sweet eBook, and keep these potty-training essentials close by. (Babies still in diapers? Make bums happier and baby years WAY cheaper by picking up some modern cloth diapers ”full guide on how to cloth diaper HERE.) Picky eaters? Sneak in some nutrition anyway with these genius snack recipes. 20 Ways to Rock Parenthood Save money and make something everyone will love with these meal hacks for thrifty moms. You’ll definitely want to keep this awesome collection of parenting hacks from a mom of 6 in your back pocket at ALL times. Lost socks and grass stains getting you down? Try our laundry hacks for busy moms. And stop spending hundreds of dollars every year on laundry detergent when you can make your own in 5 minutes for pennies per load. Do your kids have “collections” of things that span the entire house? Contain them with these tips, and replace the hundreds of happy-meal toys with these amazing creativity-sparking toys. If you have kids period, you need these budget hacks for families and this guide to extreme saving. Be prepared for anything with these 10 things people DON’T tell you about having kids. Most importantly, remember that even good moms have bad days, but you can turn them around. If you’re a new mom ”or know one ”you’ll love these 50 parenting tips. For a constant stream of awesome in your Facebook feed, like the Kids Activities Blog page HERE.

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