When it comes to getting parenting advice,  you might get it when you least expect it.  It may even come from someone you’ve never met!  But, since there really isn’t a  parenting guide, we asked our  Facebook community: What advice would you give a new Mom? From building relationships to what to do with a new baby, our community came up with over 100 parenting tips for  what really matters! I love this list of parenting advice from real parents - pinning this for later!!

Building Relationships with Kids

Make forts and sleep in the living room together 🙂 – Tasha Don’t expect them to be a  perfect child all the time! Don’t compare your child to somebody else’s child. It’s unfair to yourself and to your child. -Danielle Talk to them, even if you don’t care at all what they are talking about, it is important to THEM … listen – Tasha Put down your phone! Be present and in the moment – calls, emails and texts can wait until your little ones are in bed. – Karen Discipline. Always remember you are their parent, not their bestie – Heather Take a deep breath, nothing is as big of a deal as it seems like in the moment. -Shandy You are building a future teenager, and if you won’t listen to the small stuff, they will never tell you the big stuff…no matter what they have done/drawn/made…make sure they know that you think it is the best thing you have ever seen! – When your child speaks to you, listen. If possible, stop what you’re doing and listen, really listen. Look them in the eyes and let them see how important they are. – Sofia Breath…just breathe. Some days that’s all you can do.    Tomorrow will come soon enough with a fresh start. – Kristie Tell them you are so proud of them! – Elaine Never go to sleep after an unresolved  argument. – Gillian Hug your children every day, several times a day … even if they are in trouble or you are upset! – Tasha A child will need far fewer “things” if you spend real, quality TIME with them. Make something together, bake, play a silly game…find your inner child, and be a playmate for them for a time! – Elaine Remember everything is new for them.  Opening the door to let the dog outside is nothing to you but can be major to them (my 2yo has to let the dog out in the mornings, it’s very important to him). – Ashley Find their strengths, and encourage them. – Elaine Treat your child with respect and value who they are as a person. – Samantha Parenting quotes from real moms “Give kids the love they give to you!   A hug for a hug, a kiss for a kiss…do they love writing you notes?  Write them one back.  Do they love sitting next to you at the dinner table?  Scoot closer to them the next time you eat.  They SHOW  you love the way that they FEEL  love themselves.” -Katie Encourage them to use their imagination. Create a shark infested water in your lounge, with the carpet as the water, and cushions as the safe stepping stones…things can be replaced…your childs childhood cannot! -Elaine Facebook can wait….your time with your little one is precious, and goes by before you know it. Don’t waste it. -Elaine Give kids lots of attention and they wont give you negative attention to get your attention. When they’re 16, they WILL be potty trained, they WILL be sleeping in their own beds, and they WON’T need a binkie anymore. So don’t sweat it when they are little . -Nicole One day it’ll be the last time you carry them, read them a story, kiss them goodnight. Make it count while you can. -Lindsey Don’t be afraid to tell them if you made a mistake (and ask for forgiveness when needed). – Shanna Never expect or tell your children to hug or kiss anyone! Even if it is a family member. We do not own our childs bodies. They do not have to give what they are not comfortable with giving. – Poet Talk to your child alot and never down play their emotions or dreams. – Debora If a child hugs you or you hug a child don’t  be the first to let go – you never no just how much they need that hug! – Dymanty Let them be a child. Those annoying things they do, they do because they are children. . They get messy and dirty.. enjoy it. – Ritapearl Keep a journal/book of notable things your kids do or say – next year they’ll be a year older, have done a years worth of things, and we can only remember so much. -Dan Say good morning to each child every morning and I love you every night before they go to bed. – Dianna They are little humans and what seems like a silly thing to be upset by to us, is not to them. Respect their feelings! – Cass Practice what you preach! Encourage and Praise your child! This builds confidence and good self – esteem! – Rebecca Enjoy them. – Amy Be honest. Later on in years you will be glad you set up an honest relationship with your children – Suezanne Pick one activity that becomes the “family activity” weekly. Even if you’re a single parent. A movie night at home with microwave popcorn goes a long way with creating a special bond and beautiful memory with your children at an affordable cost! – Shasterin Try to avoid complaining about your kids – it’s too easy for it to affect your mood and actions towards them for the rest of the day. -Dana This list is full of parenting advice that are great reminders. It's nice to know that we aren't alone as parents!

Parenting Advice

Do what’s right for you and your family. Mom is wow in disguise. 🙂 – Cherokee Remember your kids have bad days too. – Rebecca Listen to all the advice given but only take on board what suits your parenting style. Doing your best is good enough. – Jess Everything is a phase. When they’re being unbearable: don’t worry, it’s just a phase. When they’re being amazing and sweet: savor it, because it, too, is just a phase. – Tanya Don’t expect to have a clean house anymore, just relax about it. – Danielle Put down your phone! Be present and in the moment – calls, emails and texts can wait until your little ones are in bed. – Karen Discipline. Always remember you are their parent, not their bestie – Heather Take a deep breath, nothing is as big of a deal as it seems like in the moment. -Shandy Remember that your children are not your possessions or your appendages. One day they will have a choice as to whether or not to be a part of your life. Treat them well so they will WANT to be with you, wherever they may be. -Trisha Do your kids feel safe? Do they feel loved? If yes, you’re a wonderful parent! Keep on keeping on and don’t be afraid to ask for help or support from others. Let’s encourage each other! – Kevin & Mandy You are going to be tired, ok exhausted, most of the time and you’ll often feel like you are completely failing. But just tell (and show) your kids you love them all. the. time. No one is perfect, but they will know when you are giving your best to them and that’s all that matters 🙂 – Lyndsey Pick your battles! – Charlene Only you really know your child, go with your instincts – Charlene Be kind to yourself – Maria When you think your gonna lose your mind always remember it wont be like this forever. You will get through it. Just keep moving forward and breathe! – Julia Remember that each child is their own person and each have completely different personalities – Charlene Take it easy, even if they cry, and they will, no matter what you do. -Adi I Remember grandmother always telling me as a child that “this too shall pass!” – Jeannie Always remember you are your children’s primary teacher. You lead by example. – Marilyn Breathe 🙂 – Kathryn Stay involved with them throughout their entire education. – Charlene Don’t teach them to shoot a gun! Self defense classes are great way to teach them to protect themselves. Respect themselves and everyone they encounter. – Teddie Remember…they are watching you always!! – Charlene When they make a HUGE mess. Or they do something totally ridiculous, freeze the moment and take a picture. It gives you time to calm down and think about how to handle the situation and how you want to remember this moment. Someday it will be a hysterical memory. – Tami Forgive yourself. You are going to mess up. That is part of parenting. Learn from your mistakes and forgive yourself. – Heather Hug your kids. PLAY with your kids more. When you want to yell LAUGH instead. – Heather Treat your worst moments like someone is video taping you. How would they see you under stress with your kids? – Sherry Keep your sense of humor to enjoy every little thing your child does! Sing & be joyful 🙂 – Robin Let your children know even when you’re mad you still love them, always and forever, unconditionally. – Jenifer Strive for a a good family/work/life balance. Love your family and yourself. – Lisa Don’t get into power struggles. Give choices and consequences. I always tell my kids, “I say what I mean and I mean what I say!” If you say it, stick with it!! – Tami Just relax, you’re doing fine! – J Nadonly The days are long, but the years are short. – Jacinta Never force your beliefs on your children. All four of our kids have very different political and religious beliefs, and we encourage them to find what is right for them. – Janet Hold them accountable. Teach them manners. – Katie Theres no use crying over spilled milk. Literally and figuratively. – Kimberlee Don’t get too stressed over milestones eg. Toilet training, sleeping in own bed whole night, ditching dummies or teddies. They are all different and develop differently but they WILL DO IT eventually. So enjoy each child for who they are. Encourage don’t force! – Jodie Always follow through with a threat – if you say your gonna take away that toy, you better do it. They will walk all over you if they know its an empty threat. And don’t be afraid to say no. – Christie-Lee Teach them responsibility and that there is always consequence always – Brandy Remember that you are raising adults, not grown up children. What qualities do you admire in an adult? Do your best to instill them. – Lorraine Teach them to love God above all, and to love the person that God created them to be and not to confuse that with the things that they have.  – Joanne Take time for yourself and your significant other. It’s important to keep your own identity. It’s also important to keep your relationship alive and romantic. – Heather The worst thing you can do around a child is talk badly about the other parent. My ex and i don’t get along anymore and I do not bad mouth him to the kids. I want them to love, respect and appreciate their father no matter what. – Sarah “If a child does not think that you care, they definitely won’t care what you think” ( unknown).  The first year of your baby’s life is a clean slate. What they see, hear, and experience is the building block for their behavior, personality, and how they view the world. – Sherry let it go. – Kim Treat your child like you would want to be treated. – Diane Remember when the situation is hard…that they are HAVING a hard time, not GIVING YOU a hard time.  
That helps me daily. – Tammy Best piece of advice I ever got was – “Take all the advice you get with a pinch of salt. You don’t have to do all of the things every other parent tells you because every other parent will have something to say, but they are not the same as you, nor their children the same as yours!” – Sam The worst thing you can do around a child is talk badly about the other parent. My ex and i don’t get along anymore and I do not bad mouth him to the kids. I want them to love, respect and appreciate their father no matter what. – SarahRemember no one knows everything. Including you! You have nothing to prove, don’t be afraid to ask for help or advise. – Jan Take time for yourself and your significant other. It’s important to keep your own identity. It’s also important to keep your relationship alive and romantic. – Heather Simple reminders of what really matters when you are parenting children .

New Baby Advice

Velcro swaddles are awesome, accept hand me downs, rockers are a sleep/nap saver. – Rowena Read to your kids when you are pregnant and read to them every day for as long as they allow. – Linda Stare at your baby as much as possible – they grow so quickly in the first year!! – Katie Sleep when the baby sleeps! – Linda Never poke your finger down the back of your baby’s nappy to see if it needs changing.  – Teresa Be prepared to love your baby so much it hurts! – Jennifer Your life and your body will never be the same again so instead of fighting the change, embrace it. – Kim Patience!! – Kattie ALWAYS trust your first gut feeling especially when it comes to your kids health if it doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t. – Meaghan You always love them, but there are some days that you might not like them too much. Try not to feel too guilty about it. Even when they are tiny babies: you have feed them, change them, hold  them, etc and you still can’t get then settled. It can be frustrating but it is all worth it! – Carol Routine is key! – Giselle Do what’s best for you and your baby and if someone questions your parenting methods and you think they will criticize you: lie – Alicja Work out your arms. Those little ones are light but holding them 18 hours a day will give you a run for your money. – Kelly No matter how much you read in the books it wont prepare you enough for the real deal. Stay calm and have patients because everything is new to them! – Rebekah Brauer herbal remedy for teething. An absolute godsend!! – Kate Never say “I can’t wait for the next thing!” Enjoy each and every step in their development. Today you have a baby but blink and they are toddlers. – Jennifer You’ll definitely get puked on, wee’d on or possibly even pooped on at some point. It’s just one of those things, it will be something to laugh at in the future! – Justine As a new parent you get tons of advice….this advice is always for the “norm” or typical baby….be prepared to not get the norm!!  Support them, love them, and enjoy it! – Stacy Never wake a sleeping baby! – Kim Let us know what advice would you give to a new parent on our Facebook page ~ we’d love to hear! Need help with knowing what to do for your child who steals? Click here!

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