60 Must have Craft Supplies for Kids

This list is for all the grandmothers out there who are looking for a one-stop list of things that they can get their crafty grandkids, for the preschool teacher who is looking forward to stocking her classroom, or for the creative moms who are wondering what new items they can add to their kids craft area.  This is a list of all the crafty things and items that my kids play, craft and create with on a regular basis.  If you like this list, you might also like our Crafty Hacks.  We have a bunch of tips on how to make the most of what you have.

With these sixty “craft ingredients” the sky is the limit – there are so many things your kids can create!

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Must have Craft Supplies

Crafty things to  write with:

Pencils – colored and regular.


Oil Pastels

Colored Chalk

Washable Markers (both thin and thick)

Permanent Markers

Dry Erase Markers

craft supp[lies that creative kids will love

Tools for the little artist:

Pencil Sharpener


Hole Punch

Disposable Cups and plates

Low-Temp Glue Gun (and glue sticks)


Paint Shirt


Paint Brushes


Colorful Paints:

Traditional Water Colors

Liquid Watercolors

Tempera Paint

Acrylic Paint

Paint Pens


Paper – and more paper:

Construction Paper

White Copy Paper

Cardstock Paper

Graph Paper

Colored Paper

must have craft supply list for creative kids

Other Craft Supplies You didn’t know you needed:


Pipe Cleaners

Rubber Bands

Popsicle Sticks

Craft Sticks

Cotton Swabs

Cotton Balls

Packing Tape

Magnetic Tape



Glue (sticks and school glue)







Sensory Stuff:


Play Dough

Clay (non-drying)

Clay (oven Bake)

Kinetic Sand


The Non-Craft Stuff we use for Crafts more often than you can believe:

Cream of Tartar

Food Dye

Shaving Cream


Hair Gel

Cookie Cutters



So that is what is in our craft cubboard.  Did I leave anything out??




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