25 Glitter Crafts – add a little sparkle to your kids crafts and activities

Whether you’re looking for some sparkly ideas for Christmas, stamped glitter hearts for Valentines, fairy and mermaid crafts for girls or simply want a little extra bling and delight to your everyday sensory and craft projects, you can find the best of the bedazzled right here.

Check out more in these 25 DIY Glitter Crafts that are sure to sparkle and delight in your home or classroom.

25 glitter crafts

DIY Glitter Crafts

These are some of our favorite glitter crafts. Taking your crafts to a new lever using craft glitter, fine glitter, chunky glitter… essentially all the glitter. These glitter crafts are perfect for kids of all ages. You can make a Christmas ornament, sensory mason jar, and patriotic American crafts, and more!

1. Glitter Sponge Cakes Craft for Pretend Play

One word – genius! sorry two words – adorable and genius! Love these glitter sponge cakes! They will promote pretend play which is so important! via easypeasykids

2. Glittery Goo Craft

This sparkly oozy recipe is  great fun for children to play with independently or as a group. See how to make on laughingkidslearn

3. Sparkly Paper Plate Dinosaurs Craft

With the added sparkle these clever dinos appeal to girls and boys. See how to make on The Craft Train

4. Frozen Silly Putty Craft

Check out this Frozen silly putty. Your Anna and Elsa fans will adore this sensory activity via pagingfunmums

5. Glowing Sensory Bottle Craft for Bedtime

A genius glitter and star filled sensory bottle to help calm our active and not-yet reading children as they drift off to count some cute and cuddly sheep.

6. Glitter Clothespeg Magnets Craft

Cover clothes pegs with glitter and put magnets on the back of them for keeping all your children’s artwork on the fridge door. See how to make on thoughtfullysimple

7. Glitter Fairy Wand Craft

Glitter Fairy Wand Craft
Make every day a fairy filled day with this sweet fairy wand craft via lovelearnplay. This is my favorite way to use glitter. You can use different glitter colors.

25 glitter crafts

Glittery Holiday Crafts

8. Glitter Falling Leaves Garland Craft

Embrace the dark browns and rich golds of autumn with a glittery twist via 6thstreetdesignschool

9. Simple Kid Made Glitter and Toilet Roll Decorations

Fill any gaps on the Christmas tree this year with some super simple and pretty toilet roll glitter stars. See how to make on DesignDazzle

10. Sparkly Snowman Decorations Craft

Glittery styrofoam, pipe cleaner fun from zingzingtrees

11. Starry Night Discovery Bottles Craft

Upcycling some jars with generous amounts of glitter confetti glue! see how to make on powerfulmothering

12. Frosty Fun With Glitter and Salt Craft

Glamorize your winter ornaments with glitter, glue and salt! perfect for winter drawings and paintings, via Living Well Mom

13. Glitter Handprint Ornament Craft

Is your daughter obsessed with all things sparkly? then she will love making these handprint ornaments. See how to make on funhandprintartblog

14. Popsicle Stick Glitter Stars Craft

I love how the color pops on the stars when they are on the tree! via powerfulmothering

25 glitter crafts

More Everyday Glittery Fun

15. Glittery Moon Sand Craft

Cupcake anyone ? gorgeous activity from danyabanya

16. Glow In The Dark Fireworks Painting Craft

It’s fun to make some firework noises when dipping the pipe cleaner brushes into the glow-in-the-dark paint via Craftulate

17. Glittery Egyptian Inspired Art Project

How fun to have the kids do an art project that is all glittery and Egyptian-inspired! via B-Inspired Mama

18. Stamped Glitter Hearts Craft

Super simple to make and can be used to decorate just about anything! via buggyandbuddy

19. DIY Kids Glitter T-Shirt Embellishment Craft

Quick and easy Iron On Glitter Vinyl! me got to get me some of this! see the magic on zingzingtrees

25 glitter crafts

20. Glitter Rocks Craft

A lovely simple activity for toddlers via intheplayroom

21. Make A Mermaid Necklace Craft

A fab bejeweled glitter filled seashell keepsake of your beach adventures. See how to make on theeducatorsspinonit

22. Apple Scented Glitter Glue and Apple Craft

Whip up a batch of scented glitter glue and start painting! with frogsandsnailsandpuppydogtail

23. Sparkly Explosion Craft

What kid doesn’t love science experiments that explode, and sparkle! see the glittery goodness on preschoolpowolpackets

24. Glitter Peg Butterflies Craft

Everyone loves butterflies, and these clothes peg, tissue and pipe cleaner butterflies couldn’t be more adorable. See how to make on thecrafttrain

25. Nature’s Glitter: Biodegradable Fragrant Glitter Craft

Collecting nature’s glitter can be just as fun as buying glitter for using in craft projects. See all the possibilities on mothernatured

More Glitter Fun From Kids Activities Blog:

Which glitter crafts did you try out? How did they turn out? Comment below and let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

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